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To Travel in a Glance (Tay-al-Ard)

Baba Tajuddin Aulia Nagpuri. Taji Sufi Order. Ummah Tajia Organization

The elapse of Time and Distances in the vicinity, and to reach far distant places in a flick of an eye, and also means of transport for others to get there, and to call far distant things to closed at hands are “Karamat” (super natural act miracles of a saint) all this is called “Tay Al Arz” (traverse in a glance).

It is a tradition & ritual practice related with Aulia Allah (friends and favourites of Allah Almighty) that they could reach at a glance anywhere they want. The distance time and places wither, lessen and wraps up in a flick of second, and cross all that at once.

This Karamat (miracles) authenticates the truth of Me’raj (The Holy Prophet Accession) and gives proof to the materialistic world. When they witness these miracles in this era by themselves, they are conceded and deemed to acknowledge the miracles of the past era consequentially.
In the present time, all that miracles transpired unenthusiastically and openly by His Majesty Taj Al Aulia Baba Tajuddin (r.a.) which was done by all Aulia Allah individually.

By this Hazoor’s (Baba Sahib r.a.) consistency can be judged. In a flick of an eye His Majesty reaching to far distant places, sometimes disappearing instantaneously from His Majesty place, and meeting people, ordering, solving problems, while present at his locations, this is well known and world renowned speciality of the Darbar-e-Taj Al Aulia and it’s a matter of every day. 
His Majesty says:

“We live with Our Name “

Think about it, how many aficionado of your Majesty? Only Allah Almighty knows the correct figure.

The one who avow that he will make 1,25,000 Walees, so think about to what extent the number of Mureedeen (Religious & Mystic disciple) and Motaqadeen (Devotees or Believers), and then at one time at, how many places and locations will be His Majesty be with His name?

Taj Taji




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