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Almighty Allah has created several creations and placed man on of all. He has blessed man with several rights and nature. He has blessed mankind with some divine knowledge from which man is unaware of. How could man recognize him self? How can he realize his powers? How can he discover the invisible knowledge?

Allah has blessed every man with 21% of invisible knowledge which man knows a little about. Usually people know this as senses, like for instance; his sixth sense is very sharp. I am talking about those senses. Each sense has a specific function and these functions are as;

  1. The first sense indicates that you are authorized.
  2. The second sense indicates that every thing Is you obedient.
  3. The third sense indicates that Almighty Allah has blessed you with nature.
  4. The fourth sense tells you to believe completely on Allah Almighty.
  5. The fifth sense tells you that nothing in impossible for you.
  6. The sixth sense gives you indication and alarm.

Who ever utilizes these skills Almighty Allah by His Grace and blessings can enhance these powers step by step by 42% and may raise these up to 100%. Now these up to you which way you perceive this knowledge. Try this out this and visualize your self where you stand.

Taj Taji




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