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Seizing Diseases

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Seizing Diseases

Cure of 53 years old Fatal Syndrome

Afzal Bagum until present day is a resident of Jodhpur, India. She was a beautiful lady of her village, and a princess as well, and was married in her teenage with a respectful person named as Abdul Hameed Qureshi. According to her daily routine, one day when she went with her handmaids (companions), to fetch sweet water from a stream, which was famous as Baiji ka Taalab, while returning she fainted suddenly and got incredibly sick. Many treatments were given medically and spiritually but all gone in vain. Abdul Hameed was himself a very religious and pious person, and was attendant of venerable mystical personalities. One day a Sufi man told him that her wife had an Asaib (jinn) on her. After that, many great venerable tried to cure the lady but the Jinn on Afzal Bagum threat them if they will do Exorcise (Uttar) he (Jinn) will eradicate the lady. Therefore, she was left with her anguish. Abdul Hameed tried his utmost to get her treated, and tried diversified type of treatment but all in vain. As the passage of time, One day she came to know about Tajuddin Baba Aulia (r.a.u.). So her family took the old lady to Baba Sahib's Durbar. After gazing at the old lady, Baba Sahib ordered her to stay for few days. After 53 years she was blessed with incurable illness and in no time the lady ailment was gone. After 2 months, she was allowed to go. Afzal Bagum is still alive is living with her family like never before.

Recovery from Illness

Mohammed who is resident of Hyderabad enlighten the story of her sister illness, who had lost all hope of recovery and was on the verge of her death. The boy Mohammed was a pure skeptic of "YA TAJ UL AREFEEN, YA SIRAJ US SALIKEN, YA TAJ UL MALOOK, YA TAJ MILAT WAD DEEN, YA SHANSHA E HAFT E AQLAUM (King of seven claims), HASSANI WAL HUSSAINI, YA HAZRAT SYED MOHAMMED BABA TAJUDDIN AULIA NAGPURI  (r.a.)" and His Majesty's super natural acts. One day at night 3 o'clock the boy Mohammed came and seized in Baba Sahib's feet Mubarak and started crying peculiarly. He said to His Majesty that her sister is at the last stages of her diseases and is on the edge of death, she could expire any moment according to the expert surgeons and doctors; her illness is incurable. If you are a true Aulia Allah (Saint) so please safe my sister and bless her with health. After few moments when he reached to the hospital to watch her sister so he was totally amazed to know that her sister was hale and hearty without sustaining any such incurable diseases. The boy Mohammed acknowledges the super alluring karamat (marval) of the Lord Baba Sahib (r.a.).

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