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Union with Allah

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Union with Allah

What a good Soil

A long time before veiling from this world, His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin ra settled Baba Yusuf Shah Taji ra in (berabd) which is known as Tajabad. Baba Yusuf Shah Taji ra revealed that once His Royal Majesty Baba Sahib ra came to Shakardhara (the place of the shrine) and picked up some soil in his fist, smelled it and said ; “ Subhanallah !What a good soil!”.

Oh! Where is my crown (Taj)?

Baba Yusuf Shah Taji ra revealed, His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin ra once after midnight, went on the terrace of sharbat palace in shakardhara. Baba Yusuf Shah Taji ra with full respect stood little away from , His Royal Majesty ra. His Royal Majesty ra looked towards the sky and in a very innocent way moved His hand on His head and said ; “oh! where is my crown”. After hearing this Baba Yusuf Shah Taji ra was traumatized and understood that the time for His Royal Majesty’s ra. to depart from this world was near. His Royal Majesty ra said; “There is time!”

Now the moon will not be seen!

In the month of Zil-Qadda 1343 Hijri, His Royal Majesty ra went out and rested on the Dogri bridge for a while. Many followers came at His Royal Majesty’s ra service and started putting forward their requests. His Royal Majesty ra looked towards Farid-ud-deen sahab and said; “do you know who is Taj-ul-Afreen, Siraj-ul-salikin, Taj-ul-muluk?”
Fari-ud-deen sahab answered ; “apart from You, who else can it be?”
His Royal Majesty ra said; “oh!ho!babu” .After a while His Royal Majesty ra asked if the moon for Eid had been seen?

Farid-ud-deen sahab said; “ the Ramadan Eid is over now! Eid-ul-adha will come and the moon for Eid-ul-adha will be seen.” Upon hearing this His Royal Majesty rareplied; “oh !ho ! babu, after this the moon will not be seen!”

Have eaten 1000`s of pebbles!

Hazrat Aziz-ul-haq sahib was a sub inspector in Nagpur city palace. He was blessed by His Royal Majesty ra and was leading a life of randana and qalandarana. It is revealed by Hazrat Aziz-ul-haq sahib that at the time when His Royal Majesty ra was not well someone said ; “Baba become healthy .” To this His Royal Majesty ra replied; “Now what good will I be? I have eaten 1000’s of pebbles.”



Give soil to me and then go!

Hazrat Farid baba Khan sahab faza was a head master in the Anjuman high school. In 1925,he applied in a college in Hyderabad Deccan from where he got an interview call. He went to seek permission from His Royal Majesty ra because whenever Faza sahib ra used to go out of Nagpur Sharif he used to take permission from His Royal Majesty ra. He told His Royal Majesty ra about going , upon hearing which His Royal Majesty ra said; “Don’t go.” Farid sahab ra replied; “ I am getting a very low salary here and there I will get a much higher salary than here.” His Royal Majesty rasaid; “then who will take care of your old mother”. Farid sahabra replied; “His Royal Majesty ra I will get more pay so I will heir someone to look after her.” His Royal Majesty rasaid; “You are very stubborn (bada ziddi hai)! and don’t listen. Ok give Me sand and go after 3 days. Have to get a big work done by you!” On the third day His Royal Majesty raleft this materialistic world.

Period of MOHARRAM

On 18 Moharram His Royal Majesty ra got a fever. His Royal Majesty rahad highlighted his departure from this world 2 months ago so all the disciples (mureed) and attendants (khadim) would be mutafakir. On 10th of Moharram it was a routine for His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin ra to go round Karbala wearing Sabaz Jhubba. On this day, the disciples (mureed) , attendants (khadim) and King Raghuji Raj Sahab would go in procession (sawari). King Raghu ji Raj Sahab would ride an elephant and his soldiers on horses. His Royal Majesty’s ra disciples (mureed) and attendants (khadim) would reach near the royal cart of His Royal Majesty and this particular day Moharram 10, 1433 Hijri , His Royal Majesty ra took the flag from the minister (wazir nishan) and in a loud voice said ; “Imam deen, sultan madinah ,shahon – Sheehdon ke sardar Hussein r.a.
When His Royal Majesty ra recited the above words, His Royal Majesty ra was in a very different state (Kaifiyat). People from every corner were chanting “Ya Hussein ra” and every one was coming toward His Royal Majesty and very royal and divine atmosphere was seen.

In Nagpur Sharif, the procession of Mohram was always taken very grandly. It was felt that His Royal Majesty ra would not leave anyone without His divine blessing. Everyone was getting what they wanted. His Royal Majesty said; “the things that I have of others ,if they can’t collect them while I am alive ,I will return them in the graves.” His Royal Majesty ra Shaheed ka gasht kar ke He reached to karbala and after that for some time He returned to shakardara.2nd day disciples (mureeds) of His Royal Majesty ra made holy rhymes ( manqabats) for Hazrat Imam Hussein ra and named it as “Guldasta”,(flower bouquet) and read them to His Royal Majesty ra. Molaf named it as “ Guldasta tajia(chistia,qadaria)” which is distributed among the disciples (mureed).

Medical Treatment

Hakim Zafar Hussain Taji was busy serving His Royal Majesty ra. Doctors were also present to serve His Royal Majesty ra from the king. One day Dr. Chulakar sahab Taji said; “ I can’t diagnose anything as I can’t understand what to diagnose ! I can’t see any problem, so what should I treat?”

The lap of grave

In Tajabad Sharif wherever the grave was dug the sand was dry. The land where His Royal Majesty Baba Sahib’s ra shirne exists today was chosen by His Royal Majesty Baba Sahib ra few days before departing from this world. His Royal Majesty Baba Sahib ra Himself liked this soil and the ground and said "Subhan Allah! What good sand."It was as though this land was made only for this holy purpose. The grave was ready at 10:30 pm when Maulvi Najmuddin Sahab guided how His Royal Majesty Baba Sahib ra was to be placed in the grave. The public was not willing to listen and numerous efforts were made to control the public. It was decided that the body of His Royal Majesty Baba Sahib rashall be kept at one side so people can have a look at His Royal Majesty Baba Sahib’s ra face and can go, in this way there would be no crowd. The decision was implemented and people came, looked and left. After this Maulvi Najmuddin Sahab and Hakim Syed Zaffar Hussain Sahab together placed the body of His Royal Majesty Baba Sahib ra in the grave while someone stood in the corner holding the cloth.

A conversation after departing this world

Hakim Zaffar Hussain Sahab revealed that when he went down in the grave and made His Royal Majesty Baba Sahib ra rest in the lap of the grave and Maulana Najmuddin Sahab came out, Hakim Zaffar Hussain Sahab told His Royal Majesty Baba Sahib ra that "You said that I will stay with you for the entire life. Now You have come into the grave”. At this, immediately His Royal Majesty Baba Sahib’s ra opened His eyes and said; “ People used to trouble a lot that is the reason I departed from this world, I am always with you." After this Moulana Najmuddin Sahab and Hakim Sayed Zaffar Hussain Sahab placed His Highness in the lap of the grave while someone was holding the cloth and standing in a corner. Everyone departed for their homes once the process of burial ended. After this incident Hakim Zaffar Hussain Sahab regularly visited the Holy Shrine alone at night.

Glance of His Royal Majesty ra

Sahab Kazi Ameen – ud – deen Taji revealed that 10 days after His Royal Majesty Baba Sahib’s ra departure from this world he went to Tajabad Sharif & stood at a little distance from the Holy Shrine and said ; "You also came from Shakardara to Tajabad. Many people are coming from Shakardara to Tajabad and settling down. I on your command started working as a servant for King Raghu Singh Ji, if given the permission I would also like to come and settle here.” He was talking to His Royal Majesty in his heart when suddenly Karim Badshah Arif –Ullah Karim came to him and said; "You have to stay in the bungalow and serve the king, it is a command. The one close to Allah has not gone from the Red bungalow!”. The Red Bungalow is referred to the palace in Shakardhara where His Royal Majesty Baba Sahib ra stayed.

Miracle after departing from this world

Daadar ,Mumbai- Terrace Parsi colony; A 7 years old girl unable to walk and speak named Jeer Bano was cured by the blessings of His Royal Majesty ra after all efforts other efforts had failed. Jeer Banu was taken to several doctors and a huge amount of money was spent by her parents to cure her handicap, but all went in vain. Jeer Banu’s father revealed that his wife( Jeer Banu’s mother) then took her to Dada Bhai Gazdar. He gave her holy water and sundal of His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin Aulia ra and said ; “you all should request that if our daughter will be cured we will present chaadar of roses or something else according to our status”. Jeer Banu’s mother hence made the request and was then given a time frame by Dada Bhai Gazdar when Jeer Banu would be cured. As a result of this, Jeer Banu was hence cured by the divine blessings of His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin ra in the given time frame ,even though His Royal Majesty ra had departed from this world.

Times of India

July 18, 1926, The Times of India reported a strange incident about a beggar named Mazkorah, who begged at the Nagpur railway station. He was handicapped (could not walk) as he had met with a car accident. He once paid a visit to the Holy Shrine of His Royal Majesty Baba Sahib ra and requested His Royal Majesty ra to cure his handicap. Weeks passed but there was no change in his health, so Mazkorah spoke in a very foul and rude pitch to His Royal Majesty Baba Sahib ra for not curing him. His Royal Majesty Baba Sahib ra then appeared in Mazorah’s dream wearing a white turban and ordering him to stand straight. His Royal Majesty Baba Sahib ra repeated this 4 times but no result was seen. At the 5th time His Royal Majesty Baba Sahib ra gave him some sweets and a glass of juice and pushed, kicked and jerked him and again ordered him to stand straight. After all this the man realized that he was gaining strength to stand and walk. This miraculous incident is true and approved by the people of Nagpur that this man Mazkoorah used to crawl on the ground prior to this overnight divine blessing and miracle of His Royal Majesty Baba Sahib ra

Tearing Idols by Evening Post

His Royal Majesty’s sad demise from this world revealed an unbelievable event on August 18, 1925.The incident, formally claimed as a rumor was proved and signed to be true by Mr. Narayan when it was published in the Evening Post on August 25, 1925. Idols of Vital and Ramanki in Mador Pandu rang patvi were reported to shed tears for 12 hours at the sad demise of His Royal Majesty from this world. The incident was witnessed by thousands of people.

Tearing Idols

August 18, 1925, Madras; idols of all Gods and Goddesses began shedding tears from the moment His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin ra departed this world. Idol gods and goddesses was reported to come in dreams of many saying; “The idols were crying because a very pious personality had left this materialistic world and nobody had taken this pious personality seriously.”

Taj Taji




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