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Traverse in a Glance

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Traverse in a Glance

Heera Lal Kochwan

I thought that I should also collect and put it in Black & White some chronicles from Brother Heera Lal Kochwan, who was assigned on duty of Sarkar’s (Bawa Tajuddin r.a.) Tanga (Horse Carriage) from Raja Sahib. So I met him, and presenting the special account, which he narrated:

One day Sarkar (r.a.) was on excursion on cart, and touring Maharaj Bagh (Garden). Instantly His Majesty (r.a.) ordered audibly

“Brah rey garri Kabul Kandhar”
Accelerate the carriage to Kabul Kandhar

As soon His Majesty pronounces the panorama changed completely. At once, now our Tanga was not in Maharaj Bagh, instead it was moving in an unknown and unfamiliar city. After reaching a place His Majesty Baba Jee the lord (r.a.) asked to s^^ the cart, there was a room where it s^^ped, three men came out of that room and fore kissed Hazoor’s feet. Sarkar conversed with them also, which I couldn’t understand, then His Majesty ordered,

“Barha Rey Gari”
Move the cart

And the next moment we were in the Mahraj Bagh.

Hazrat Aeyn Allah Shah Sahib (r.a.) verified this account (whose shrine is at Anao Bharat) and Brother Heera Lal also recognized Him and told that those 3 men who came out of the room, out of them one is this Venerabe (r.a.).

Did you see the marvel that the Tanga is cruising among the devotees in Maharaj Bagh and reached to Kabul also at the same time?

Bawa At Hajj

An elderly Hajji Sahib of Rarrian (an place where His Majesty was staying) was throwing pebbles at Arafat. He visualize a Venerable dressed in a Green Jubba (a cloak) standing in such a posture with both hands cross folded, his inner self divulged him that this is certainly a Darwaish Kamil (a man without desire of worldly charms or a Mystic Saint). He narrates: I stood behind him, after a while when His Majesty stride I tried to fore kiss him, but His Majesty (r.a.) said in Madrasi dialect:

“Yahan nako rey, Narangi key Nagpur key Kareeb Waki Wahan”
Not at this place, near Nagpur of Oranges, there is Waki, there

Upon return from the journey of Hajj, Hajji Sahib came to Nagpur, and inquired the address of Waki, by chance he met, Ahmed Khan Sahib of Nawab Porah. He said to him that the Venerable you’re looking for is our Baba Sahib (r.a.). His Majesty recently went to Waki form Nagpur, Hajji Sahib exultant upon hearing this; Ahmed Khan Sahib embarked him on train from Atwara Station. There he was travelling from Waki Station towards Waki Mowaza and here His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) said to the attendees:

“Chalo Haji Mulaqat KO Arrahey Hein"
Lets go Hajji is coming to meet)

And came to the Station. Upon seeing His Majesty (r.a.) he recognize immediately, when he fore kissed His Majesty (r.a.) Baba Sahib said:

“Yaheen Rehtey”
Stay here

So according to the high order, Hajji Sahib stayed.

Hajj of Allah's Kaaba

An elderly man came from Madras in respect of Hazoor (His Majesty R.A.) with a desire that if Baba Sahib (r.a.) attained me to Mecca Moazamma, I will be able to perform Hajj. He appeared in His Majesty’s respect, and put his request in front of Hazoor. As so many Raja and Nawab come to you please bequeath from someone smallest amount at least I can go and perform Hajj. Hazoor confirmed him that he will go. So when the time of Hajj came very nearby the Madrasi Sahib become more anxious and requested Hazoor (r.a.) that from tomorrow Hajj will start, and you Majesty didn’t attained me to Mecca. The next day as routine Hazoor (r.a.) was on move, at that time the elderly person also came along with his request. After a distant Hazoor (r.a.) holed hand of the elderly and after walking a while ordered him to sit down. Elderly sat there and after few moments he fall asleep. What he sees that he is performing Hajj at Mecca with rest of the Hajjes.

Hence, this Hazrat performed all the Hajj rituals while lying down there. When Hazoor (r.a.) came over there after a week or so, and said to the elderly

“Kya Yaheen Para Rahey Ga”
Will, do you remain lie down here?

So he stood up and like an intoxicated person, came along with Hazoor (r.a.)

Dear Readers, I heard this account by myself from the elderly man, later on he was renowned by the name of “Nanna” (Maternal Grand Father) and stayed at Taj Abad Shareef until to his last breath. The above account was narrated by Mr. Abdul Mohsin Sahib fruit merchant, on April 23,1949.

Excursion of Agmeer

A person came in the honor of Hazrat Baba Sahib (r.a.) and said,

“I want to go to Agmeer".

Baba Sahib (r.a.) said;

"Agmeer is right hear, where do you want to go"

As His Majesty (r.a.) held his hand instantly the sight changed. In the sight seen he is roaming in the streets and alleys of Agmeer. When Baba Sahib (r.a.) left his hand he was in front of Baba Sahib. The sight of Agmeer demised.

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