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The Birth and Death of Angels

In the name of Almighty Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

All the praise and thanks be to Almighty Allah, the (only) Originator (or the (only) creator) of the heavens and the earth, Who made the angels messengers with wing, two or three or four. He increases in creation what he wills, verily, Allah is Able to do all things.
[35:01] Al Qur'an

There is no doughty and a universal truth in this phenomenon, that every mater on this face & seven layers of the earth and in the seven layers of skies are created with logic and planning of Almighty Allah. In the Holy Quran Almighty All ah mentioned. So this explains that Allah Almighty is a Sovereign power which is a superior in command over humans, Jinns, Angels and all other 18,000 creatures formed as referenced in Holy book of Quran.

He is the one who created this earth and seven skies in six days and all in between them. [Al Qur'an

Logic of Creation & Its Death

Scientist of this world explains and agreed upon this phenomenon that every thing is made up of atom which is a smallest practical of an element discovered until now. These positively charged protons, neutral neutrons and negatively charged revolving electrons are the main source for the existence of a matter. Which has infinite life. But according to Holy Quran each and every thing in this universe and beyond a human’s imagination will definitely die and all bow in front of their Lord only Allah Almighty. So, this means the scientist as proclaimed that (Neutrons and Protons, which have infinite life) will also be finish on a specific time. So this gives that conclusion that all living things will have a defini te end.

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Argument on Human Creation

In a famous book "Bahqi Shuaib Al Eyman" Hazrat Jaber (Rdai-Allah) (Companion of Holy Prophet Mohammed) narrated that Holy Prophet Mohammed (May peace be upon him) says;

When Almighty Allah created Prophet Adam
(Mercy of Allah be upon him)
Angels' asked Almighty Allah, the secret and the logic behind this marvelous creation and said
O lord! You created those who eat and drink, do copulation,
And ride; reward them with your bounties in world and for us bounties in futurity,

The Lord All Respectable says,

No! I'll not do to those, whom I created by my hands and blow with my soul. Its example is similar to that I say KUN (Be) and FAYA'KUN (at once its being) created.

From this Hadith, it is confirmed that the birth of angels is not in similar phases as human's development. Where as the birth of human is divided into various phases. First, the sand ferment. Then the picture formed. And in last phase the sole pored. Or in other words initially it was semen, and then it converted into a drop of blood, and then a piece of flash. This converts into vital parts of the body, which relates to the formation of face and finally in last the sole pored. Where as, on the other hand angels were formed by the pronouncing of word "KUN" (Be).

Are They Like Us?

Holy Prophet Mohammed (May peace be upon him) says,

The angels were created by divine light and Jinns are made up of from fire, in which the smoke is added up. And Adam (May Allah be bless him) is made up of which is already explained (i.e., black sand, white sand and red sand).

How Angles Appeared in the Visible World?

It is very difficult to understand for a common person to visualized how the angels really look like.As Muslims, we have a blind faith in oneness of Almighty Allah, In Prophet Mohammed ( SallAllah Hoalihawasalum) and the Holy Quran and the creation in between it is very difficult to answer specifically, or to identify (any object) as angels. Yes! it's true that these angels and all other creations are visible to Prophets and Saint's of Almighty Allah and existing and alive example of Baba Tajuddin Aulia r.a., and Amma Bibi Marium Taji Waliya r.a.

But still to convince you, and to give you 'an angle of vision' how the angel's appeared in this visible world supported herewith an Hadith which highlights this prospect.

Hazrat Jaber Bin Abdullah (Companion of Holy Prophet Mohammed) narrated that Holy Prophet Mohammed (May peace be upon him) says,

O Jaber! There is no doubt about this, that before creating any thing else Allah Almighty created your Prophet ( Prophet Mohammed's s.a.w.s) divine light. When He decide to create all the universes, He divided this divine light into four portions. From the first portion He created PEN (Al-Qa'lam), from the second portion He created the table (Lau'h-o) on which the destinies of the world, since its creation are written. And from third portion He created the throne of God.

Then from the fourth portion again four portions sub divided. From this first portion created the labors angels of “Arsh” (empyrean), from second created the chair, and from third portion of divine created the rest of the angels.

Allama Qassi mentioned in his book "Mutaliah Al Musrat“ mentioned that Imam Asharay (Companion of Holy Prophet Mohammed) narrated that,

No doubt! Almighty Allah is a Divine light (Nur), without any competition and splendor. And Prophet Mohammed (May Peace be upon Him) soul is innocent and shine of His (Allah’s) divine light and the angels are made from the sparks of Divine light, of Holy Prophet Mohammed (May Peace be upon Him).

Holy Prophet Mohammed (May Peace be upon Him) says, that at first Almighty Allah created my divine light (Nur) then from my divine light Allah created every thing.

Abu Al Sheikh narrates from Hazrat Akrama that he receives this information

No doubt! Angels are created from
Almighty Allah’s Divine light (Nur).

What type of Nature & Feature They Possess?

Most probably, apprehension of this explanation which is related to Ammer Al Momamaneen (The fourth Caliph) Sayeedna Ali (Companion of Holy Prophet Mohammed).

“Ruhh” is a name of an Angel,
Who has seventy thousand heads,
And each head have seventy thousand faces,
And each head have seventy thousand mouths,
And each mouth has seventy thousand tongs,
And each tong has seventy thousand languages,
That angel from all these languages recite and praise of Almighty Allah simultaneously at a time. To understand the whole concept correctly and easily this can be written mathematically as
16870 x 10*20
doing rosary to Almighty Allah. From each performance of these rosary prayers (of Ruhh) birth of an angel take place. And these new born angels will remain and fly with rest of the angels until the Day of Judgment.

Saulbani narrates from Sayeed Abdullah Bin Masood (Companion of Holy Prophet Mohammed) says,

“Ruhh” is a name of an Angel,

He is bigger then skies, earth, mountains and from the rest of the angels. He lives on the fourth sky. Each day He performs seventy thousand rosary prayers.
From each rosary prayer one new angel is formed.
This “ Ruhh” named angel stand on one side of the row alone, and rest of angels stands on the other side.

Where these Angles Lives?

Imam Qastani explains in his book "Muhib Al Dunniyah “
In sky and earth (which is made up of water and smoke) lives angels (which are made up of water and air) their commander is known as “Rayed” who is responsible for clouds and rains.
Above mentioned all explanations from Holy Quran and Hadiths explains Allah Almighty is one who is the creator of this earth and heavens and He who do not need Human prayers or bowing in front of him but He has plenty of other creatures who can do for Him and those creatures are only assigned for this task.

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