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Seven Stages to Acquire Saintliness

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Seven Stages to Acquire Saintliness


  1. The first Step is solicitation (desire) and quest. Unless a mystic arouses and develops this in him he cannot enter in the field.
  2. The second step is love (ishq). For this the mystic must be so firm in his desire and intentions that he should be prepared and be brave enough to face any grief in this path.
  3. Recognition of the medium (marfat) is the third step. This is also known as mystic knowledge. This is granted by Almighty Allah to the mystic according to his mind and sagacity.
  4. In the fourth stage the mystic has to cut off his link with the materialistic world. Unless and until he does this the mystic cannot succeed in the path. If there is any desire of the world in the seekers mind he will not be able to reach up to this level.
  5. Tauheed (Oneness in One Allah) is the fifth step. When the Mystic reaches and recognizes this stage he finds Oneness of Almighty Allah every where he looks. The distinction of “me” and “you” vanishes completely.
  6. The state of madness, intoxication, and inebriety overcomes the mystic and he wanders around in this condition. With In this stage there comes a point when he realizes that all his knowledge (Ilm) that he had attained through out the years is limited, he gets astonished and thinks, is there still more to go. As a reaction he forgets him self and his appearance.
  7. Perishibility to acquire the love of Almighty Allah is the seventh stage. All the wants, prestige, ego fullness wipes away from the mystic. Having his quest he becomes a part of the divine manifestation. This position is also known as Fana-fil-Allah. After this stage Baqa-bil-Allah is the last step and all that remain in front of us all is only the glimpse of Almighty Allah.

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