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Divine Light

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Divine Light (Allah's Nur)

Prayer of Prophet Mohammed (saw's)

Holy Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) used to recite the following prayers whilst on his way to mosque for morning prayers.

0, Allah raise Your Light within my HEART and in my SIGht and in my EARS and on my RIGht and on my LEFT.

  • Raise Your Light in my SINEWS.-1
  • Raise Your Light in my FLESH and BLOOD.
  • Raise Your Light in my HAIR and in my COUNTENANCE.-2
  • Raise Your Light in my TONGUE, in my SOUL, and in my BONES.
  • Raise Your Light WITHIN me, BEHIND me, and in FRONT of me.
  • Raise Your Light ABOVE me, and BELOW me.
  • 0' Allah GRANT ME YOUR LightMuscles, Bodily, strength, and motive power etc.Face expression, Face.

Before going through the detailed effects and the impact of this wonderful significant prayer of "Nur", it is very important to know and acknowledge the source of the MAGNIFICENT LIGht, what are its apparent and hidden effects on the human beings, their earthly life, in space, in heaven etc., through the media of the Holy Quran, Hadith (Sayings of Holy Prophet) (saw's) and from other sources.

The First Creation

In Sura "Nur" Ayah 35 of the Holy Quran it is said:

Allah is the Light of the heaven and earth....... The Light of Allah itself is perfect, pure and totally free from any defects. The Light we see is but a reflection of "TRUE LIGht" in the world of Reality, but the TRUE LIGht is Allah.

The first creation that Allah created from His Light (Nur) was NUR-E-MOHAMMEDI, the first ever declaration made by this Nur-E- MOHAMMEDI was "LA ILAAHA ILLAllah MOHAMMED UR RASULL ULLAH". Meaning "THERE IS NO GOD BUT Allah AND MOHAMMED IS THE MESSENGER OF Allah" This declaration means that there is ONE GOD only and [here are no other God except HIM and Mohammed (saw's) is Prophet of Allah.

Any declaration must consist of words i.e. KALIMAT. As this was the first declaration ever made and heard, it became the First Kalima for the Muslims and for everyone else in the real sense.

Holy Prophet (saw's) said " Out of my Nur (LIGht) Allah created everything, the entire Universe by ordering "BE" (KUN) and it BECAME (FA-YA-KUN). Allah was alone, He was a hidden treasure. He wanted Himself to be known and acknowledged so He created a Nur (Me) out of His Nur (Light).

The Holy Prophet Mohammed (saw's) said "It had been written in Heaven that I am the last Prophet (Khatimun Nabii). (This was at the time when ADAM was yet in a state of clay and mud).

Light of Allah and Prophet Mohammed (saw's.) in the light of Quran

There are so many verses in Holy Quran relating to "LIGht" but only a few are quoted below:
It may be noted that no scholar or even combined scholars of the earth be they of the past, present, or future can write or explain comprehensively on the subject of Light of Allah due to the fact that the effects of the Light and its qualities are so vast and enormous that it would consume the waters of the Seven Seas, and even if it were possible to add many more Seas so as to become ink to write down the praises and the graces of the Light of Almighty Allah, it would be a futile exercise and whatever would be written would be just a drop in the sea.

Sura "NISSA" A174 ... We have sent to you a clear Light...i.e. Holy Quran, Personality, Life, Cure, and teaching guidance.

"MAIDA" 44... Surely, we reveiled the Taurate (to Moses) that was guidance and Light...

"MAIDA" 46... We sent Jesus the son of Mary confirming...We sent him Gospel (Bible) therein was guidance and Light.

"MAIDA" 15.. Indeed there has come to you Light and a clear book from Allah... i.e. The Prophet is called the Light and he leads into Light of virtue and from darkness of ignorance and evil.

"ARAF" 157....He (Prophet) releases them from their heavy burdens and from yokes that are upon them. So it is who believes in him, honours him, helps him, and follows the Light which has been sent down with him; it is they who prosper.

"Hadid" 12-13...On that day you will see the believing men and the believing women...their Light running forward before them and by their right hand…On that day when hypocritical men and hypocritical women will say to those who believe: Wait for us so that we may have (light) from your Light. It will be said (to them) turn back and seek a Light (if you ever can) (In the period of total darkness on the Day of Judgment, there will be a Light to guide the believers to their happy destination. The disbelievers will be in utter frustration due to pitch darkness and they will be crying desperately for the Light from the believers, but they shall not get it because they did not possess the Light OF FAITH during their life on earth).

"HADID" 28... 0, you who believe; Fear Allah and believe in his Apostle. He will give you double (Two) portions of His Mercy. He will make for you a Light by which you shall walk and will forgive you, and Allah is most Forgiving and Merciful. (The double i.e. something in addition to His Grace and Mercy, He will not only grant forgiveness of faults and sins, but also grant Light as a guide for future to walk on the right path.)

"TAGHABUN" 8....Therefore believe in Allah and His Apostle and in Light which we have revealed...(The Light of revelation is of reason, self conscience etc.)

"AHZAB" 45, 46.... 0 Prophet, truly. We have sent you as a witness, a bringer of good news and a Warner...And as one who invites unto Allah by His permission, and as Lamp (torch) spreading the Light. (Here the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) has been honoured as a bearer of Light to illuminate the whole world. He is even better than the Sun which when appears it brightens and heats the surface of the earth but does not penetrate deep inside the earth where darkness still persists, whereas The Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) not only illuminates spiritually the believers outwardly but also right inside the body and mind).

Prayers for the Raise of the Nur in Heart

In prayer of Divine Light (Allah's Nur) the Holy Prophet Mohammed (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) selected the HEART first. 0' Allah raise Your Divine Light within my Heart.
He used the word Raise, meaning thereby increasing the brightness, power, guidance, purity, strength and other spiritual qualities in the Divine Light which is already existing in body.
Ordinarily we understand that the Heart is a shaped lump of flesh, a very important organ of the body functioning to pump blood to keep the body alive.
The Arabic word Qalb used in Quran means the Heart. Where it means Intelligence, it also connote one's Center of Understanding. As in Latin and other Languages there are several words are used to express phenomena, though the literal meaning of these words are different.

We do hear and say:-

Heartless, Broken-Hearted, Sweet-Heart, Stone-Hearted, Soft-Hearted and so many adjectives are added pointing towards the heart.

It is a matter to ponder as to why so many relative terms are quoted for the heart though the medical science describes the heart quite differently. Spiritual science has a different and broader outlook on the heart as aforementioned.

Spiritual masters have expressed that "Heart is the abode of Allah" and contains innumerable qualities and effects which determine the good and evil life on the earth and heavens. 
A few Ayats (verses) about what Holy Quran says about the heart are quoted below:-
"Sura BAQRA" Ayat 10....In their (disbelievers') heart is a disease...
"IMRAN" 103... He joined your hearts in love, so that by His Grace you became brethren....
"ARAF" 1O1...Thus Allah sealed up the hearts of those who rejected the faith....
"ARAF" 179.....They have hearts wherewith they understand not...
"ANFAL" 63....And He hath put affection between their hearts...
"YUNUS" 57.... 0! Men there have come to you a direction from your Lord and a healing for (disease) in your heart.....
"HUD" 5 ... Behold, they fold up their hearts that they may conceal (their enmity) from Him... Surely, He knows well what is in your hearts......
"RAD" 28… Those who believe and whose hearts find satisfaction (contentment) in the remembrance of Allah; surely in remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction...
"HAJ" 46... Have they not travelled through the land so that their hearts with which they understand and their ears may thus learn to hear, for surely it is not that their eyes that are blind but their hearts (arc blind) which are in their breasts.
"AHZAB" 4...Allah has not made for any man two hearts within him... i.e. (One heart for His love and the second one for the love of His enemies. The heart cannot be of two attitudes.)
"ZUMER" 22.... Is one heart which Allah has opened to Islam, so that he has received enlightenment from Allah...No better than one hard heated? Woe, to those hearts are hardened against celebration of praise of Allah; those are in clear errors...
"HUJURAT" 3....Those that lower their voice in presence of Allah's Apostle- their hearts Allah has tested for piety. For them are forgiveness and a great reward....
"ANFAL" 24....And know that Allah cometh in between a man and his heart....

After reading verses from the Holy Quran on the subject it has become clear as crystal that the HEART plays a very important part in one's life.

Its role is not only to control the body but the major and important role is to keep itself clean as mirror; pure from the stain of sins and wide open to spiritual enlightenment with Allah's Grace.
May Allah the ever Merciful Raise His Light in hearts of the believers — Ameen.

Raise Nur in Sight

The second item of the Prayer in Dua-e-Nur (Prayer for Nur) is for the SIGht in which raise of Divine Light is sought by Holy Prophet Mohammed (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam)

Eyes are an immense blessing from Allah to His creatures. Sight is an important blessing in one's life otherwise the existence would remain in dark.

It is not that the seeing of the object on the earth and the sky should make one happy and contented but one should have a deep desire to see the hidden treasures of the whole Universe during one's life time and the hereafter through the spiritual eye which is hidden in the heart.
"With eye of the heart they have seen God" said Sufi master Abu Said ibn Abil- Khayr of the Fifth Haj’ri century.

Normally, the sight of the Human eye has a limit of seeing up to a limited distance. It cannot see behind nor can it penetrate through a wall or other non-transparent things or opaque objects in front of it. Whereas, Prophets and Saints having been blessed by Divine Light have absolutely no barriers before them, behind them, above them or below them to obstruct them from seeing very clearly whatever they want without any restriction of time limit of the past, present or even future. The eyes of the beloved friends of Allah being graced by brilliant shining Light by Him become so powerful that they can even cure disease by a mere look at the ailing person.

"NIGAHE MARD-E-MOMIN SE BADAL JA Tl HAIN TAQDEERAIN".... (Allama lqbal). One sharp look of a Momin's eye i.e. eye of a true Muslim eyes would be more than enough to revolutionise the destiny of the people.

Caliph Hazrat Umer (r.a.) whilst giving sermons in a Mosque in Medina suddenly shouted "Ya SariyaAl-Jabal AI-Jabal" (Ho! Sariya towards the hill towards the hill) to the Muslim army fighting hundreds of miles away to correct their positions. The army at the other end heard and recognised the voice of their Caliph and moved towards the hill accordingly and was successful in the battle. These were the enlightened eyes and the tongues which did see and speak over long distances.

Sura "ARAF" Ayat 179. Allah says...They have the hearts wherewith they do not understand, they have the eyes with which hey do not see and They have the ears with which they do not hear....

"HAJ" 46 Allah says....Truly, it is not their eyes that are blind but their hearts which are in their breast.

The two verses quoted from the Holy Quran make it necessary for the believers  to strive for the raising of the light of Allah in their inner eyes. May Allah the Merciful grant the raised light of the inner eyes to striving believers. Ameen

Raise Nur in Ears

The ears are the third item for which Holy Prophet Mohammed (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) prayed in Dua-e-Nur for raising the Divine light in it.

Ears are the organs of the body to catch sound, without ears and hearing ability all the explanations would have to be conducted by signs, writing or by actual display of things.
For human ears there is a limit of a distance up to which the ears can catch the sounds, and not any further, except with the help of technology and other devices by which the sound distances have shortened to a great extent.

All these devices have been invented hardly a century ago but the Prophets and the Saints to whom the Divine Light has been graced by Allah did not need any sort of such devices to hear sound from a distant place. Nothing could s them from even hearing of speeches and languages of birds, animals, worms, ants, plants and other worldly objects.

Prophet Solomon could hear the speeches of the birds etc., which is proved by these two verses of Holy Quran quoted below:-
SURA "NAML" AYAT 16... Solomon was David's heir. He said "0, ye, people! We have been taught the speech of Birds and on us has been bestowed knowledge of all things. This is indeed Grace Manifest (from God)."

18... Solomon heard one of the ants saying "Get into your houses (holes) least Solomon and his men crush you (under their feet) without knowing."....

A famous event took place during the time of Holy Prophet Mohammed (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) when he heard a tree crying in grief. The tree cried because the Holy Prophet Mohammed (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) used to rest his arm over the tree whilst giving sermons to believers but after few days he shifted to a nearby place, the tree could not control the grief. The Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) consoled the tree.
May Allah by His Mercy raise the Light in ears of the striving believers. — Ameen.

Raise Nur on Right, Left, Behind, Front, Above, Below & Within

The Holy Prophet Mohammed (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) prayed for the raising of divine Light in the aforesaid six directions and also inside the body.

Man is prone to receive mercy as well as calamities from any of these sides. Hope and fear reach him from these directions also. Purities and evils spring from these directions frequently. In fact the whole body is encircled by these directions. The evils and the purity graces obtained by the body have their direct effects within the body.

According to Sura "Araf' Ayat 17 of the Holy Quran quoted below:
(Satan) said—Then I will assault them from Before (Front) and Behind them, from their Right and (from) their Left....

Satan had sought the permission and powers from Allah according to the Holy Quran to permit him to attack with his evil from these four important sides. Why he was not granted permission to attack from the above or below is better known to Allah or to those to whom Allah has bestowed His knowledge. However, he will attack those who are insincere and impure and are exposed to the worldly lust and unfair desires. Such virtues less people become very easy target for Satan's snare who in turn enjoys to mislead them to hell.

May Allah the Merciful protect the believers from the evils springing horn these directions and lead them to the path of wisdom and purity by raising His Light in these six directions and within their bodies — Ameen.

Raise Nur in Sinews, Flesh, Blood, Hair, Countenance & Bones

The Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) prayed from the raising of the Light for aforesaid six parts of the body.

SINEWS means: - Muscles, Bodily strength. Motive power etc., 
COUNTENANCE means: - Face, Facial expressions.

The prayers for the said parts of the body for raising the Light in them was not only for the maintenance of good health of the body during the life time but also its eternal continuity even after being laid lo rest after breathing his last.

If a skeleton of a human body is examined in museum or elsewhere, it would be seen that there would not be any sign of sinews, flesh, blood, hair, countenance, or any other thing which body used to consist of whilst it was alive except the bones displaying the frame of the body. Now, if the skeleton is buried in mud the whole skeleton would also disappear as it will be consumed in the mud in a few years.

In the Holy Quran Allah has said in Sura Al-Imran—169 which is quoted below:- 
..Think not (consider not) of those who are slain in Allah's way as dead. Nay- they are alive and are provided food or substance (Rizk) from their Lord...;
It must be remembered that those who are slain in the path of Allah either in a holy war (Jihad) or due to all their efforts in the path of Allah without actually being slain by war weapons are called Shaheed. (Martyrs) There are other types of Shaheeds (Martyrs) who have different grades and spiritual status.

These great personalities do not die though apparently declared to be dead and as such they are alive and are provided with food or substance (Rizk) by Allah.

The word Rizk is not confined to meaning "Food" only for eating purposes, but all the parts of the body including eyes, ears, nose, brain, tongue, blood-tissues, nerves, muscles are maintained through Rizk to each one of them as given by Allah.

In the holy Quran it is stated "Every soul shall have the taste of death. "Sura" "AMBIYA" Ayat 35 "Kullo Nafsin Zaikatlil Maul"

From the aforesaid two verses of the holy Quran quoted above some people may have confusion in their minds as to how Shaheed can be alive when Allah also says that every soul will have the taste of death?

The aforesaid confusion comes to an end when one reads what the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) has said "DIE BEFORE YOU DIE" (MAUTA KABLA ANTAE MAUTA) These Shaheed (Martyrs) have already died to the life of CARNAL SOUL (Al-nafs-al-Am-marah) and have been restored to life in Spiritual World. Hence they have already tasted the death in this manner.

After returning from the last Holy War (Jihad) the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) gathered the believers and said to them "Now henceforth we will be entering into a bigger "Jihad" i.e. "Jihad-e-Akberi", the great Holy war against the NAFS", meaning total war against temptations and wretchedness of the Carnal Soul, against hypocrisy, against the wild unruly steed of the soul, against the darkness which veils the Divine Light from entering the spiritual stations in the heart, against the wild ignorance which obstructs the knowledge of Divine virtues, against the undisciplined and unsaddled soul which speeds in reverse directions towards the path of total evils.
It is but obvious that if there was no darkness of separate existence, the Light of unseen would have majestically appeared. The veil of separation would have been lifted if there had not been temptation of carnal soul. If there was no hypocrisy, the gnosis would have been pure and perfect.

If there was no greediness, the love of Allah would have prevailed in the soul; surely the Fire of passionate love of God would have been generated
Now, proceeding to the basic point that those who are slain in path of Allah should not be considered as dead, that they are alive and they get subsistence "Rizk" from Allah, the following facts are quoted below:-

PIRAN-E-KAMIL the Perfect Masters (Saints) even though they don't go to battlefields to fight the Holy War - Jihad, also do not die as they too qualify themselves as "Shaheed" even though they breath their last, and are laid to rest in grave. This is all due to the fact that they had been fighting day and night for years together unceasingly against the "Carnal Soul" and pave their way towards the path of Allah. They qualified themselves as "Shaheeds" by fighting in Jihad-e-Akberi by Allah's Grace. During their life time these Shaheeds (the Saints) have also tasted death before the death by obeying the call of Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) " DIE BEFORE YOU DIE"
Ignorant people are under the impression that like other human beings the bodies of the Prophets and the Saints too get deteriorated and are consumed in the mud and nothing is left to their remains in the grave. Their notion is based on sheer ignorance.

Whereas, the fact stands contrary to their unrealistic thinking. The prayers for the raise of Divine Light in sinews, flesh, blood, hair, countenance, bones and other parts of the body play here a very important role for the upkeep and maintenance of their holy bodies whilst in grave.

Instances have come to light that whilst digging grounds for developments of roads, dams, bridges, railway tracks, erection of buildings etc, people have witnessed that the bodies of Muslim Saints have been found in a perfect condition as if buried a few minutes before, even their "Kafan" (shrouds) were found untainted, absolutely clean and unaffected by climatic effects.

Raise Nur in Tongue

The Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) prayed for the raise of Divine Light in the Tongue. The tongue is a fleshy muscular organ in the mouth and is used for tasting, masticating, speaking etc. It has power of speech for discourses. Sound and music are produced through its movements. There are innumerable gains and adverse effects on the life of the person depending on the type of pleasant or offensive words uttered through it.

Without the aid of microphone and other latest media the voice would reach a very limited distance. But for the Prophets and Saints, the enlightened friends of Allah there are no such barrier for their voices to reach far-off distances.

These Holy personalities in whom the Light of spiritual power exists can speak to any one miles away making it heard distinctly. The voice of the Second Caliph Hazrat Omer (r.a.) was heard miles away by the Muslim Army directing them to adjust their position whilst fighting a Holy war. There are many instances where the voices of Saints have been heard and recognised clearly directing and guiding their devotees at the time of their distress.

In a Holy war of Khyber, Hazrat Ali (Karam Allah Wajo hu) son-in-law of Holy Prophet Mohammed (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) was to be given the Banner of Islam to lead the Army against the enemies. Incidentally Hazrat Ali (K.A.W.) was having a serious trouble in his eyes. The Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) drew out saliva from his Holy tongue and applied it in the eyes of Hazrat Ali (K.A.W.) In a few moments the eye sore of Hazrat Ali (K.A.W.) vanished and his eyes became more glittering than before.

Hazrat Ali (K.A.W.) was born in Kaba, the House of Allah, which was a distinction never earned by anyone before or after him. For three days he did not suck his mother's bosoms. This situation was brought to the notice of the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) who took his dear cousin brother in his lap and placed his own tongue in the mouth of baby Hazrat Ali (K.A.W.) who kept sucking it. The tongue of the Holy prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) served as the source of nourishment and substitute for milk. During his youth period Hazrat Ali (K.A.W.) said "Ask me whatever you wish to ask beyond the throne of Allah because my bosom is full of many great secrets and divine knowledge. This is all due to the saliva of the Holy Prophet's (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) tongue which I sucked in my infancy."

People have witnessed that if a saint wishes, he can throw a person into ecstasy only by one touch of his tongue on the food or drink which he would give to any person he wishes to reform, and could keep him in rapturous state as long as he wishes The words coming out of the Saints have the effects of "KUN" i.e. "BE" become "Fa-Ya-Kun" then it comes into being. Hence whatever the Saint say, it begets.

According to the Hadith Qudsi it has been reportedly stated;
Allah said "The most valued worship of my bondsmen, seeking My nearness is the one I have imposed on him: and My servant continues to draw near Me through the work of supererogation, until I love him. And when I love him I am his ears so that he hears by Me, and his eyes, so that he sees by Me, and his feel so that he walks by Me." All this means that the attributes of Allah (Sifat) are channelled through these enlightened persons by Allah's Grace. People think that Saints have performed supernatural phenomena but in reality every act of the enlightened one is the act of Allah.
In Sura "Anfal" Ayat !7. Allah has said in the Quran when referring, to the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) It was not that you slew them, it was Allah; when you threw (Handful of dust) it was not thy act but Allah's" (Who threw the dust).

May Allah grant us all the correct & purposeful use of the Tongue and raise His light in the Tongues of the striving believers — Ameen.

Raise Nur in Soul

The Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) prayed for the raise of Light in the Soul. The Soul is not a physical part of the body but it still, plays an extremely vital role in the body.
Allah says in Quran Sura "Bani Israel" Verse 85 as under:- They ask you about "Ruh" (The Spirit) Say - The Spirit (Cometh) by Command of my Lord (Ruh-he-Amri): of the knowledge it is little given (communicated) to you (O' man). The word "Ruh" may convey any of the four significances:-

  1. Mercy of Allah.
  2. Inspiration or Divine revelation.
  3. Source of alighting of Nur (of Allah) on Body.
  4. The Spirit.

In the Holy Quran Allah says in Sura "Al-Hijr" Verse 29.
"... I have made him (Adam)  and have breathed into him My Spirit."
The Soul (Nufs) and the Spirit (Ruh) are two different beings. As hair-line thin difference in between them.

Ruh is a structure opposite in nature to the physical body. It is luminous, emitting rays of light, celestial, subtle, living, dynamic, and permeating in all organs of the physical body. It has a delicate circulation and diffusion as of aroma in rose, oil in olive branch, fire in coal.

Imam Razi write in his book "Tafsir-e-kabir" on the question "How the Ruh was created"
"The origin of Ruh is from the Lord of Tremendous Throne (COMMAND of the Lord) while the human body originates from clay. The Creator ordained love Between the two to enable them to accept the commands and the tribulation of the worldly life. So "Ruh" is a foreigner and the body is native of this materialistic world. Therefore be mindful towards this stranger."

As for Ruh, the Muslim theologians agrees that it is a subtle body (a body hard to analyse or to understand) which exactly resembles the physical body that bears it, in shape, form and structure.
Ruh has a beginning but no end, i.e. it is immortal even when separated from the body. It lives and subsists by itself, it has subtle ears and voice, it can be only seen and heard by subtle bodies like Angels, Prophets and Aulias (Saints) because power required to get interact with Ruh is granted by Allah to these venerable.

It must be seriously kept in mind that our Souls (Nufs) are the sacred TRUST with us; we have to keep the same clean and guard it against all the evil temptations of the world. Those who surrender to crime and evil betray that sacred Trust.
As narrated in Hadith:-

On the authority of Abu Hurarah, who said: I heard the messenger of Allah (salla Allah u alihi wa sallam) say;

“When a Muslim earns a sin. A black spot stains his heart and then if he confesses the black spot on his heart obliterates and if he enhance his misdeeds the spot gets larger until it envelope his complete heart.”

In the spiritual world Allah's mercy evokes no response in the Soul of the one who has chosen evil, the souls of such persons become evil and a barren ground from which nothing springs except evil.
Few ayats are quoted below from the Holy Quran:-

"Sura Nissa" Ayat 79 ...But whatever evil happens to thee is from thy (own) Soul...  And if any one earns sin, he earns it against his own Soul...
If any one does evil or wrongs his own soul but afterwards seek Allah's forgiveness, he will find Allah most Merciful often forgiving. (One must not repeat the evil deeds after seeking forgiveness from Allah)

"Arap" 126 ...Our Lord Pour out on us Patience and constancy and take our Soul unto Thee as Muslim. (One who bows to thy will)
Note:- Volumes have been written on the Spirit (Ruh) & Soul (Nafs), by various thinkers giving their different views on the subject. However it should be borne in mind that to get to the reality of Ruh-Soul-Nafs and Spirit is impossible through conventional Knowledge or out of reasoning. It is such a difficult subject that the human mind gets grossly confused at every stage to ascertain the reality & understand its philosophy.

Allah has said "That its knowledge is only little communicated to you." (Human beings).
But when one betroths to a Murshid Kamil (A complete Saint) then only if his Murshid wants to, then he (Murshid) by the grace of Allah and Permission of Prophet Mohammed (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) open the door of unseen and Divine knowledge.
Let us pray to Most Merciful Allah to bestow His guidance and help to keep our Souls (His Sacred Trust) clean and stainless from evil and raise His Light on the Spirit of striving believers — Ameen

Note:- Readers may kindly note that whatever little information and knowledge have been collected on the subject, are neither sufficient  nor complete.
The Holy Prophet Mohammed (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) was best informed and in knows of the reasons for this prayer of "Nur"

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