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Authenticity of Bayat

In the Holy Quran Allah Says;

“Indeed Allah delighted from the believers when were implicated in Bayat beneath the tree – 26 Fatah 18

In other versus of Holy Quran, it states;

“Those who execute Bayat on your hand, execute the bayat on the hands of Allah”.

By the sayings of Hazrat Abdah bin Saaát Ansari Razi Allah narrates;

“The Bayat on the hands of Prophet Syedina Hazrat Mohammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) highlights, during all the hardship and temptation moments, we shall obey the command of Holy Prophet Peace be upon Him. We shall not hurdle or ambiguity in the decision of our leader.”

Therefore it has been proven that, to obtain Bayat is the Sunnah of Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam).

The companions of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him) also have done the bayat, sometime on Jihad, or sometime on shift from one place to another in the line of faith, some time to battle with Kufars (disbelievers) some time to protected by the Shrik or sometime by the welfare of Muslims,
Therefore, to do Bayat is Sunnah of Allah last Apostle Hazrat Mohammad Peace be upon Him, and those misbelievers says as Shirk or Biedut, they deny the genuineness of Holy Quran and Sunnah of Holy Prophet Peace be Upon Him.

The Mode of Bayat

Bayat is a mutual pledge relating to the striving, arranging and executing. In 6th Hijiri, Prophet Mohammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) decided to perform Umrah with 1400 companions went to Makkah Al Mukarrama. The disbelievers (Kaafireen of Makkah) detoured the way for Prophet Mohammad SAW and his Companions. The Holy Prophet SAW stayed at the point of Hudabiya. The Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) commanded Hazrat Othman (a.s.) to proceed for negotiations. Prophet Mohammad SAW sat under an oak tree and invited for bayat to fight till the last drop. All the companions of Allah's Apostle SAW gathered around Him and they all took Bayat by Lords of kings, Prophet Mohammad SAW hands.

According to Shah Wali Ullah Dehlvi's book, those deed or action takes places in the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad SAW life, Bayat is one major component of Islam and those who dishonors it, they dishonors the Quran and Sunnah.

Why Bayat?

The need of Bayat narrated in Holy Quran as ;

"O People in faith, search for affinity, and fight in a direction, which prosper you".

The Bayat does not mean, to perform good deeds, but the real bayat can occur, once you have an enlightened spiritual leader. It is every Muslims duty to obtain piousness, but it only can empower your psyche, once you self-denial your inner self. It is like a student cannot obtain knowledge with out a mentor; similarly a devotee cannot seek divine knowledge, or purify inner self with out the merciful glance of a spiritual leader.

Hazrat Gous Azam Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gillani r.a stated in His book GAHINA ALTALEEBEN, 
“A person cannot obtain divine knowledge, with out the guidance of the inclusive spiritual guider. Also in further level, a knowledge seeker or a Talib (Spiritual student) should not scattered himself from his inclusive spiritual leader until he receive complete divine knowledge. This quotes the concept, that a true believer cannot obtain certain levels of wisdom or spiritual knowledge, unless he/she bless by the Spiritual leader. By the sayings of Aulia Allah, a human can only obtain refinement and intuited divine knowledge, only by the blessing (Nuzur e Kurum) of Aulia Allah. With out the companionship with Aulia Allah, a human cannot access to Allah or to HIS immaculate creation. It is not only the Quran and Sunnah to teach the right path, but we can empower our selves by devoting our every action by the willingness and acceptance of Aulia Allah. The concept also states, to receive complete edification.

There is no other, then mentor who can correct our spirits. For a complete and true guidance, we must follow our August Hazrat Baba Tajuddin Aulia.

For the physical decontamination is the Waddu, whereas for the spiritual purification is the bless sight of your Murshid. When the moment of death arrives, the devil force to engross you from the guidance, because once Allah’s believer distract from the right track, no other alternate can make him correct. To protect oneself, one should do the Bayat, or the guiding hand of your Murshid to protect you from devil and his apostles. The importance escalates to safe guard you at the time of discretion.

Originality of Bayat

The purity of Bayat defines, as “By taking oath on the hand of Allah’s designated authority, that l shall be faithful to Allah.” Since the wisdom of oath taking has been the pioneer step by Khulfa e Rashideen (4 Caliphs of Islam), but that were for govern and as well for purification. 
Allah SWT States in Hoy Quran,


For those who do not obtain Bayat, he falls under the supervision of devil.

Instruction for Bayat

Before stepping, one truth seeker must ensure these qualities in Oath taker. These are:
The mentor should be on the right path and should be Sunni. Otherwise one may put his conviction in to jeopardy.

One should be capable of consultation with literature in order to justify pros and cons. 
The divine leader should replicate all the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) and the character should not be dreadful character person.

The next of kin or the family tree for Bayat should ascend Prophet Mohammad SAW; otherwise the graciousness would not be showered.

Bayat by Woman

The bayat by a woman is prohibited, a woman can be a Saint, but can not proceeds as an Imam or the Divine leader, the leader is like the one who proceed as Imam of Saala’t.

Major Orders of Sufism

There are about ±70 Orders. Some of them are mention below.

  • Silsila e Chishtia – Lead by Hazrat Khawaja Moeen uddin Chishti Ajmaeri
  • Silsila e Surwardia – Lead by Hazrat Khawaja Shahuddin Shurwardee
  • Silsila e Naqshbundia – Lead Bahuddin Naqshbundi
  • SILSILA E TAJIA – Lead by Hazrat Syed Bawa Tajuddin Aulia (r.a.) Diadem and Crown of All the Aulias.

Kind of Sheikhs

Sheikh Al Iteesal: It is the Sheikh, which leads you by Bayat to Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him (Baba Tajuddin Aulia)

Sheikh Al Aisaal: It is the one like BABA TAJUDDIN AULIA, who knows every thing of His devotee, the one who protects and pamper his devotee.


3 Major Requirements for Descendant Ship

Either The Sheikh authorized in his own life the kinship for the descendent ship like Caliph Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddque R. A given the kinship of Caliph Ship to Hazrat Omar Farooq R.A by the combine thoughts.

Also like in the time of Hazrat Othman R.A and Hazrat Ali R.A, the Caliph ship has been awarded by the combine acceptance of high dignitaries.

Now a day the Caliph has been awarded on the basis of generation descendent, like from father to son. It is like either the son is capable of this esteem leadership or not, either the descendent Caliph has been chosen by order or endorsed officially by the Murshid or Spiritual leader.

If the system were like that, so Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique son will steps after his departure from world will lead the Caliph ship.

But the true Caliph comes from the Murshid selection and blessings.

Advantages of Bayat

By the verses of Holy Quran, The advantages are written below in the Holy words as: 
On the Day of Judgment, every close relation will be against and reluctant to each other, but the pious and Allah beloved will be strongly bonded-

On the other benefit from the Holy Quran have been states as:

"On the Day of Judgment, devotees will be by the reference of the Spiritual leader"

For the true guidance from all the evil and destructive thoughts, only the Aulia Allah can shelter or protect us, because these Allah beloved ones are the ocean of all blessings and happiness. When you pass away, at the time of death, time of questioning in grave and devils mischief, these Aulia Allah who empower your perfection at all stages.

There is a great miracle of BABA TAJUDDIN AULIA very recently, one of His Majesty’s devotee name Taoussef Taji came to pay respect in the Royal Court, His mother passed away and he loves his mother at extremism, he requested Baba Sahib (r.a.) to for the forgiveness of his late mother, and by the blessings of Allah, she has been forgiven and has been blessed in heaven.
For another example, when a person sees a piece of cloth in the market, it does not provide any value, but when a piece of a cloth bought for the Holy Quran to covers, it worth more then ornaments. The similar philosophy applies here, before the bayat through any sheikh or Aulia Allah or a Spiritual mentor, we are like vagabonds and when we have been given the sanctify hand on our back; we are the most venerable and valuable by all means.

The Bayat by an Aulia Allah is the most ultimate doorstep to the success on both worlds.

Warning of Fake Spiritual Leaders

The present socio culture structure does not able to identify the right order or Spiritual Leader to do Bayat, now a days people conduct false Spiritual Leadership and they betrays the people by charging huge sum of money and demands

But one should be aware of those fake Sheikh and Ulamas, also the person who does not practice the true guidance or does not practice Holy Quran and the Sunnah of Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him), he does not enhances spirituality.

Taj Taji




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