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Biography - A Sight of Prestigious Attention

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The Auspicious Name and the Title/Address

His Highness (r.a.) with a high respect used to address Her Majesty Amma by His mother’s name and would say “She is My mother”. His Highness (r.a.) delivered a title to Her Majesty Amma that was

“Brother Abdul rahim”

And then rarely He called Her with the same name. His Highness (r.a.) also awarded Her Majesty Amma with the following titles:

Mera Aftab Abdul rahim (My Sun Slave of  Merciful Allah)

Mera Mah-tab Abdul rahim (My Moon Slave of Merciful Allah)

And said "look at my Abdul rahim who is even after tavern (divine wine of Allah) is saying “Hal Min-mazid-in (Give Me More)” and is still in her consciousness.

Taj Taji

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