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Biography - Swiftly Opened The Door of Saintliness

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Chirag-ud-Din (Lamp of Religion)

A particular place was appointed for Her Highness Amma Marium (r.a.) in Waki and there one more lamp/candle lighted the other. Now the benevolence of His Highness (r.a.) was also being spread by Her Highness. Venerable Tajuddin (r.a.) always sent a thousand of seekers to visit Amma Marium (r.a.) and those seekers always returned with their wishes completed. Spectators observed that without any worldly communication Her Highness Amma used to say the same verses at her residence that His Highness (r.a.) had already said at his Durbar (Royal court)

Often, His Highness (r.a.) used to visit Amma Marium (r.a.) and would also take her in His royal coach for an excursion and while returning Her Majesty would stay back at her residence.

Taj Taji

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