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Dhu-ul-Qadd 11th Islamic Month

Dhu-ul-Qaddah is the one the most pious month in the Islamic world. Almighty Allah has chosen His four month out of twelve Islamic month. Among those four precious month Dhu-ul-Qaddah is the one. Dhu-ul-Qaddah is the month of Holy blessings.

Events in the month of Dhu-ul-Qaddah:-

Dhu-ul-Qaddah is one of the most pious month because of the following reasons. 
Hazrat Emam Mohammed Taqy (r.a.) toke veil from this materialistic world in this month.

Zikar in the month of Dhu-ul-Qaddah:-

Mostly much of the prayers are given in the Wazaifs but some of the most momentous prayers for this pious month which are granted by Hazrat Bawa Tajuddin Aulia (r.a.) are as follows:-

The Holy Quran must be recited daily. Mostly the Wirde (Continuous reciting, Errand) of Istagfar (Deprecation) must be done. Extra Nawafil must be prayed for the Raza (contented) of Allah Almighty. The recitation of Surrah Jinn, Yusuf, Ikhlas, Adayat, Yunus, and Nasr should be done. Usually, the Wirde (Continuous reciting, Errand) of Daruud Sharif must be done continuously.

Superiority of this month is Allah Almighty avowal the Dua and prayers offered by a person whole heartedly by the Sadqua (Sake) of Prophet Mohammed (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) and by His Holy Friends (Aulia, Sufi, Saints or Wali).

Bin Mohammed Taji

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