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Superiority in Saints & Sufism

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Superiority in Saints & Sufism

Truth About Saint Mansur

One Sarfraz Husani was a very intimate visitor of Hazrat Tajuddin Baba. He could, therefore, ask him questions much more freely than others. One day he asked: " Huzur, what is the truth about Sufi saint Mansur who was crucified for declaring Anal Huq ( I am God)? Is he recognized as a great saint?"

Baba Tajuddin replied : " Yes son, he is a great saint; but he was a child; he opened his fist too soon. This fist of Tajuddin (he showed his fist as he said 'this') will not be opened till the day-of-Judgment." He thereby implied that it is nature of saints to impress upon people the truth of their complete union with God and identity that is thereby revealed to them. Yet he felt that they should not verbally which, of course was true. But Tajuddin Baba never made a similar claim though his spiritual status and attainments were not less exalted. Opening the fist implies revealing of Divine secrets entrusted to great saints by the Almighty God to carry out their Divine mission on earth.

Taj Mohi-ud-din

One day Baba Sahib asked us about the meaning of this

" My name is Taj Mohi-ud-din"

I humbly requested Baba Sahib to explain it, Then Baba Sahib said;

" Shah WaliAllah Mohdi's Dhelwi (r.a.) wrote in his book “Humaat” that in every period there is a venerable that appears in this Ummat (Nation) who keeps the Deen ( Religion) alive. The sign of such a saint is that he is awarded with every powers like Spiritual, physical and much more. He can gives life to a dead one, cure the incurable, to gratify ones desires and all those powers which are simply out of the readers minds, these are blessed to a mighty saint like this. When such a high ranking venerable appears, he is known as Qutub-e-Madar-e-Alam. Then the invitations of all the other Aqtabs and denied and all Silsilas (Sufi orders) which were carrying on from the beginning are stopped. This venerable has the authority to give life to any religious order. All the Silsilas (orders) are benefited by the spirituality of this saint. He is the Moin-ud-din (helper) of all the Silsilas (orders), unless another venerable appears of the same qualities, power and rank, if not the sovereignty of the previous saint stays."

Similarly Hazrat Mohi-ud-din Ibn-e-Arabi (r.a.) stated in his book “Fatuhat Al- Muktah tha” when a Qutub-e-Madar-e-Alam appears all the previous qualities, power, invitations, affect and sovereignty of all the previous saints are halted.

Then Hazrat Yusuf Shah Taji said that, the knower know that no other venerable as appeared up till now by the same grace, glory, Hierarchy and sovereignty as Baba Tajuddin. Almighty Allah knows better about the future. Baba is Khamal-Aulia. This means that no person can be posted on Wilayat unless and until he has a link with Hazrat Baba Tajuddin and Baba Sahib helps his Ruhaniat (Spiritual Position to recover).

This has been mentioned by Hazrat Shah Waliuaalh (r.a.) and Harzat Shiek Akbar (r.a.) that this is the period of Baba Tajuddin's Kingdom ship and Sovereignty and Baba Sahib is Taj Mohi-ud-din of every Silsila (order). Whenever a person or candidate of any Silsila presented himself in the honor of His Highness, Baba Sahib had and has blessed him in accordance to seekers order. For example, a Qadri is blessed in a Qadria way, a Chishti is blessed in a Chishtia way, a Suharwardi is blessed in a Suharwardia way etc.

Taj Taji




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