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Safeguard against Poverty

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Safeguard against Poverty

All power belongs to The Most Beneficent & Most Merciful.

According to the Holy Prophet the following acts suck out, empty and drain even very large means of sustenance and make man poor and destitute.

  1. Urinating while standing.

  2. Sweeping during the night.

  3. Praying in haste and hurry.

  4. Performing wuzu in a latrine.

  5. Wiping face with sleeves or skirt.

  6. Burning the peels of garlic or onion.

  7. To hold in contempt or turn the back upon the means of sustenance.

  8. Sitting near graves without reason for long periods.

  9. Passing through flocks of sheep and other cattle.

  10. Cutting nail by the teeth.

  11. Reveling in greed and avarice.

  12. Ignoring beggars.

  13. Not removing spider-webs in the house.

  14. Eating in the state of (junub) ceremonial impurity.

  15. Keeping dirt and filth in the house.

  16. Swearing false oath.

  17. Sleeping immediately after sunset and before sunrise.

  18. Keeping water flowing without reason during the night.

  19. Having estranged relations with the relative.

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