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Praise Worthy & Encomium

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Praise Worthy & Encomium

Physique of Bawa (r.a.)

His Majesty Hazrat Baba Tajuddin (r.a.) had a magnificent height of 6 Feet 9 Inches; therefore even in multitude of throng His Majesty can be distinguished easily and prominently.

His Majesty’s sanctified forehead was broad, which was always glowing and radiant; colour was dark brownish; celestial face was straight & sharp, blessed with a beard, neck was long and smooth; arms were long and robust; legs were also lengthy and sturdy; and body was slim and slender. His Majesty’s never wore anything on his blessed head; and often remains bare footed, had a Madrasi Dialect, and His Majesty’s conversation was full of humbleness and gentleness.

Way of Addressing

His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.), replies evenly in the same gesture as someone addresses. If someone says “Baba” His Majesty also calls him Baba. If someone says “Bhai” (Brother) His Majesty also give equal respect and call him Bhai.

Pen & Paper

Readers! If I kept on writing on Hazoor (r.a.) Benevolence, Munificence & affection this itself will need a proportion of books; when my Uncle requested Hazoor (r.a.) that if it’s permissible than can I arrange an writer to sit nearby His Majesty, so he can record His Majesty’s accounts on daily basis, on this Sarkar (lord) (r.a.) said:

“ Kagaz Kalam Khan sey lay ga “
From where you will bring equivalent Pen & Paper

So, based on this envisage that only on His Majesty’s (r.a.) benevolence a heap of mountain of books can be written. Therefore I sojourn on this condense account in order to write briefly on other accounts.

Pace of Speed

His Majesty (r.a.) was swift footed, alacrity and fast momentum paced; walks with steadfastness with eyes closed while in condition of Muraqba (deep meditation) and Istigraak (Rapt), irrespective how dangerous the trail. His Majesty (r.a.) never impaired by anything on path, neither ever struck by stone, nor ever spiked by any thorn, instead thrones sprawl under His Majesty’s foot. Beast of Jungles fore kiss the blessed foot of Hazoor (r.a.), and whoever accompanied him, also did not get hurt by anything. By observing the pace of speed of His Majesty (r.a.) one will say it looks like that he (r.a.) is walking moalaq (in air) floating in air rather than walking on the ground. Once of Bawa Tajuddin (r.a.) bequeathed buzurg (venerable) Abdul Aziz Sahib (r.a.) known as “Nana Mian” (Maternal Grand Father) narrates:

One Day I was walking with Hazoor (r.a.) in a Jungle, and a flock of people were also along; servants were walking glooming with shades on His Majesty (r.a.). A Servant named Yaqub (Jacob) also gave me a chance to serve, I watched Hazoor (r.a.) were steadfastly and completely Mustaghrik, and cannot be distinguished who is walking? Hazoor (r.a.) wasn’t looking on the path at all; it appears that Hazoor isn’t walking on the ground instead walking Moalak (in air). While walking in this condition Hazoor (r.a.) s ped instantaneously near a big piece of rock which was deep rooted in the earth, immediately Sarkar (r.a.) stood up there and said:

“ Aiyse Rehtey Hein, Aur Agey Barhtey hein “
Stay like this, and go onwards

His Majesty (r.a.) was a swift walker, and can be distinguished in mass gathering of people with tall heights (meaning His Majesty R.A., looks superlative and incomparable out of the crowd).

This was the testimony of your leadership. His Majesty (r.a.) style of sitting was a true Tughra (monogram) symbol of “Mohammed “ (s.a.w.s.), and make a true example of Prophet Mohammed S.W.A.S. Whether eating, sitting, etc.

His Majesty (r.a.) gives great care & importance in all aspects of life in all ways and means. His Majesty was elevating to higher and highest crests.

Idiosyncratic Chaste Body

One day I (Author) was coming back from Hazoor (r.a.) devotion of service at sunset. On a far distant from Pathak (gate) I met a person who enquired me from where are you coming? I replied, I am coming from Hazrat Baba Sahib (r.a.) service of devotion. At that time I was of very young age. He asked me another question: What evidence do you have to proof that you are coming from the Bawa Tajuddin (r.a.)? I couldn’t give him any answer, so he asked on his own? What you were doing over there? I replied: I was massaging His Majesty (r.a.) foot.

Then he asked: Sniff your hands, as I whiffed my hands it was fragrance with the aroma of Musk & Anbar. The gentleman grabbed my hands immediately and rubbed on his entire body, when he was rubbing my hands on his clothes the perfume was spreading to far distant vicinity.

I also rubbed my hands on my clothes and placed them separately in a suitcase. That perfume lasts for years but I never met that gentleman again.

Aroma of Sweat

The Tabarukat (gifts) preserved with me (the Author) at Durbar Taj Al Aulia, out of them is a Handkerchief, which was used to absorb Hazoor Baba Sahib’s (r.a.) blessed sweat before His Majesty’s parda. Until to this date aroma of Amber and Musk still persist in it. Previously all this Tabarukat were put on display for Ziarat (honorary visits) yearly, and now on insistent of devotees it happens twice a year.

So, once on the occasion of Ziarat an elderly lady visited, she was still tremendously beautiful even at this old age, and was staying at Anwar Adil Sahab, Akhtar Adil Sahab’s Villa. When this Buzurga (a Pious lady) paid Ziarat (visit) to this handkerchief she start crying heavily. After Ziarat we inquired the reason of crying, she explained: I was staying in Bombay (Mumbai) hearing a lot about famousness of Baba Sahab’s (r.a.) Karamat (miracles). I was affected by asthma so I requested Baba Sahib (r.a.) virtually in my house that your Majesty ‘s Karamat are famed and well known all over, if my disease cure I will pay a visit in respect of His Majesty (r.a.). Since I Was very strict of Hijab (veil) so instantaneously I thought there is always a crowd of devotees present in respect of Baba Sahib (r.a.) how could I go there, so I set a condition on paying a Hazri (visit) that I will visit for sure, but will take the honour of Kadam Bossi (fore kissing) when you Majesty will be alone. This was impossible. According to her by His Majesty’s karam (blessings) she got cured the next day. After few days according to promise I travelled to Nagpur, in those days Sarkar (r.a.) was staying Shakar Dara. I reached there after inquiring the address, when I entered inside Sarkar (r.a.) was alone, I took the honour of Kadam Bosi (fore kissing), Sarkar (r.a.) forwarded one foot, and ordered to massage it. I acted accordingly, during this a gentleman came and stood there, Sarkar (r.a.) signalled him which I couldn’t understand but he presented a Bidri (inner core of cigarette wrapped in leaves) to Sarkar (r.a.) His Majesty took couple of puffs and granted me that Bidri, I took that extinguished and wrapped in my head scarf, during that His Majesty (r.a.) ordered to massage the other foot. I was very hygienic in nature, while I was massaging my hands were sticking with His Majesty’s Foot. I thought that might be somebody has applied oil on the body. I thought that I will wash my hands with soap and water later, after a long while I got permission to get disperse. I had a program to wash my hands when I will come out; I walk towards a grocery store in search of soap. By chance when my hands drawn near to my nose to correct my veil it was fragrance with the perfume of Musk and Amber. Now when I smell both of my hands they were perfumed. Until several days that aroma persisted, and this handkerchief has the same perfume. At that point I have figure out that it was not oil on the foot, but it was Sweat and perfume was because of that.

This Handkerchief was placed in a plastic box, on seeing this she make a bowl of Silver and placed that plastic box in that. The reason of weeping, she told that she has lost that Bidri, I wish I could have ate it. After this she continuously gathered in Niaz of 26th of month, and yearly Urs (Annual celebration in memory of departed) and on Youm-e- Wiladat (birthday) of Sarkar (r.a.).

Reasons of Fragrance in Sweet

Why should not the same fragrance in His Majesty (r.a.) sacred body? His Majesty (r.a.) is a Hasni wal Hussaini Sadaat (Holy Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.) descendents through his dearly loved daughter Hazrat Fatimah Razi Allah Anha) and beloved of Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.) and Messenger of Hazrat Zahra (Razi Allah Anha). To depict His Majesty’s (r.a.) commendable attributes is like squeezing the whole universe in nutshell.

In respect of Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.) Abi Abdullah has said:

Bay teebe Rasoolillahe taaba Shaiammuha
Fama lil Misku wal Kafooru wal Sandal Arratab.

Rationally by virtue of Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.) fragrance’s the fragrance become aromatic and it is a veracity that even the best of perfumes like Sandal, Musk or Camphor doesn’t have a fragrance like that.

Hazrat Shibli (r.a.) is one of the concealed pure inner self, and a pious scholars, he explains that the terrain of Medina AlMunnawara has a idiosyncratic fragrance which even Musk or Amber does not contains, and it’s not a matter of bewilderment or strange at all, because the ambience where the beloved of Allah Almighty Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.) exalted and enrich the air by His sanctified breathe, then what will be the fragrance of Musk or Amber?

Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.) had a great affection with the mother of Hazrat Ans (Razi Allah Anhu) she was Prophet’s (s.a.w.s.) Aunty, meaning she was from Muharramat (permissible intimate relative). Whenever Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.S) visit her in afternoon he take his rest there. It was practice of Hazrat Um Sulaim (Razi Allah Anha) that she dried out Sweat from purified sacred body of Prophet (s.a.w.s.) and gather into a Jar. Once Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.) saw that and asked: “What you will do with this?” She answered: “Sarkar (s.a.w.s.) we use this as a perfume”. (Muslim, Volume 2).

It has been divulged that Hazrat Baba Syed Mohammed Taj Uddin AlHasni Wa AlHusseini is a “Sadaat”, from the royal family of our beloved Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.) and the messenger of Hazrat Zuhra (Razi Allah Anha). So, it is acceptable, if hand touches Musk, it becomes fragrant from the same perfume! This is matter of the royal family of Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.). It should not be a matter of amaze and astonishment if similar Raison D’etre of fragrance develops in His (s.a.w.s.) family too!

Hazoor (r.a.) Routines & Preferred Cuisine

His Majesty Baba Tajuddin (r.a.) was not constraint to time and routine, whether it was period of staying at Waki Shareef, or residency at Shakar Dara, people witness that at a while His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) is sitting beside a river bank and after a while sitting in a Jungle under a tree.

Tea was served at Shakar Dara at 4:00 am in service of His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) and from that time people start to gather around His Majesty (r.a.). Sometimes Baba Sahib drink Tea, sometimes bequeaths to someone else, and sometimes His Majesty (r.a.) takes a sip and rest is distributed among the (devotees) attendees. Mostly after daybreak His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) steps out from the palace. Outside of Shakar Dara Palace each and everyone, shop keepers, Servant of Rao, and visitors keep busy in there chores, but in the interim anxiously keep on watching from time to time towards the palace door, and as soon as His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) steps out of the palace, clamour arose that Bawa Tajuddin (r.a.) is coming! The Mithai Wala (confectioner) run afterwards with there sweets, Florists run after with their Garland (Gajra) and visitors start walking behind Bawa Tajuddin (r.a.) devotees overwhelmingly shower with flowers, someone comes forward and take the privilege and lay Gajra (flower bracelet) in His Majesty (r.a.) Neck. Sometimes Bawa Tajuddin (r.a.) also sits down at locations, people present sweets and flowers, and someone present gifts and oblations.

His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) response back to Saileen (requestors) with low voice (Burburana); due to multitude of crowd sometimes His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) benevolence way of talking becomes a love filled warning (dant) and hit slightly if angered, but the devotees do not go away.

Sometimes His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) goes towards city and sometime goes in direction of Jungle. Occasionally walk towards jungle on foot also, but mostly travel by transport, and for that either Cattle Car or Tango was always accompanying His Majesty (r.a.), but he mostly travel on Tango. When H. M. Baba Sahib (r.a.) go out of palace on foot and walk for far distantly, people endeavour that H. M. (r.a.) ride the Tango by any means. It also happens that H. M. Baba Sahib (r.a.) orders for Savari (Transport) a Coachman (Coach Driver) by the name of the Heera Lal presents Tango. H. M. Baba Sahib (r.a.) has given name of “ Bahadur” to the Horse of Tango.

After His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) rides the Tango then one Pahlwan (a Stalwart, strong build person) sits in the front and another sits on the footstep and goes together. The “Bahadur” Horse standby and waits for His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) signal, as soon Bawa (r.a.) spells “Barhao” (forward) the Horse start galloping immediately on his own. Coachman was not allowed to hold Bagain (pull up) horse, or to give direction to turn left or right. Bahadur on His own sprints on the route of Streets and Jungles. In next to no time the Tango come out of Shakar Dara limits, a heap of people gather around to have Ziarat (privilege of seeing) and fore kissing, and the majority of this mass jogs along side by side of the Tango. His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) takes a round of the city, and at some places order to halt the cart and meet people. There lies a secret in s ping over at places. Generally people who came from far distant places with aspiration to meet Bawa Tajuddin (r.a.) and they couldn’t get a chance to meet His Majesty (r.a.) Baba Sahib (r.a.) meet with them.

It also happens that His Majesty (r.a.) s over at somewhere and give them backing and encouragement to predicament people in crisis.

Whilst His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) move on foot in direction of Jungle people accompany His Majesty (r.a.) carrying along with them Tea and Food. Bawa Tajuddin (r.a.) mostly have his lunch in Jungle. sometimes ordered by himself, sometimes people present themselves at time of lunch. Everyone untangle his or her Lunch Box or Food Basket and present in respect of His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.). Baba Sahib (r.a.) eats a little randomly from any lunch box and the rest is distributed among the visitors.

Dal (pulse), Chawwal (Rice), Machli (Fish) was His Majesty’s (r.a.) preferred cuisine. In this regard, His Majesty (r.a.) sometime says these verses:

“Yeh Nahi Khaia to mitti Dhool”
If you didn’t eat this, then soil & dirt

Bequeath of His Majesty Baba Sahab (r.a.) in Mefil-E-Samaa

(Session of Spiritual Music)

Hazrat Fareed Khan Sahab Fiza (r.a.) narrates I paid a visit in respect of Hazoor (r.a.) when His Majesty was staying at Jungle of Waki Shareef, at that time His Majesty (r.a.) was sitting inside of Villa. I opened the door and entered inside, Two Qawwals (Spiritual singers) were performing. Sarkar (R.A. was listening silently and this verse was replicating “Bhar Bhar Jam Pilla dey Saqi” Qawwal (a chanter of religious verses) was an ordinary one but the Kafiat of the Qawwali (poetic frenzy of Qawwali was unusual and it was persuading an extra ordinary influence on me. I said to myself Baba Sahab’s (r.a.) benevolence is open on the entire human kind & civilization, and the whole world is getting benefit out of it. I wish if I also get a chunk out of it. The moment this aspiration came into my mind, instantly Sarkar (r.a.) order the devotee (me) “Aik Glass Pani do” (give me a glass of Water), I serve a glass of Water, His Majesty (r.a.) took couple of sips, and forwarded the glass towards me, I advanced to take the glass but said heartedly “Jazb nahi Salook chahta hoon” (I don’t want state of Ecstasy & Trance, and deep meditation, but state of steady and awareness with deep meditation). Bawa Baba Sahab (r.a.) took his hand and start drinking himself. I ashamed of myself asked again heartedly for this benevolence. His Majesty (r.a.) again forwarded the glass towards me, but I said again the same in my heart “Jazb Nahi Salook Chahta Hoon”, His Majesty (r.a.) repelled his hand, likewise His Majesty (r.a.) forwarded the glass towards me for the third time, but the misfortune didn’t left me alone, that thinking and demand persisted, and upon emerging this thought Hazoor (r.a.) throw the glass on the ground with force, angered on Qawwal, hit the Dhollak & went out towards Jungle in the state of Jazb (State of ecstasy & Trance).

Hazrat Nizam Uddin Mehboob-e-Illahi (r.a.) narrates on page number 127 of Fawaid AlFuwad “Sama mard key wastey kasooti hey” (Spritual Music is a test for man), and one point author Hazrat Ameer Ullah Sanjari wrote that at one Hazri (visit) I asked solicitly Hazrat Mehboob-e-Ilahi (r.a.) that this perturb heart is astonished on its own, that it cannot practice obedience ardour as it should be, no question what would be the pinnacle of recitation and meditation of the Darwesh (pious people), but when I listen to the spiritual music it brings me absolute comfort and sob, swear to God at that time my sensual appetites are mortified and my heart get rid of this worldly carnal life and transient worldly people, and I do not remember any thing else.

Sarkar Mehboob-e-Illahi (r.a.) asked again “Kiya Dil Alaieke Duniawee sey Khali hojata hey ?” (Did the heart liberates from profess worldly desires?) I replied “Yes” upon this His Highness said:

“Samaa (Session of spiritual music) is divided into two kinds, “Hajim” (raiding) and “Ghair Hajim” (non raiding). Hajim is characterizing as upon hearing Samaa (the spiritual music) affects in the beginning, e.g.: on a melodies voice, or a pleasant verse delights, this kind of situation is called Hajim, and it cannot be defined.

Ghair Hajim (non-raiding) is defined when Samaa uplift mind and soul and bring in state of Ecstasy upon hearing a verse which defined qualities of a Saint, or on noble virtues of his Peer (a guider to the path of the spiritual world). Sarkar Mehboob-e-Illahi (r.a.) has described definition of Samma in just two words that “Samaa is man’s test”.

Shoes Miracle

One person met in Hungun Ghat (name of a place) narrated a miracle. Once we reached in Baba Sahib’s (r.a.) Durbar (Royal Court), a devotee bought a pair of shoes for His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.). Sirkar (Baba Sahib r.a.) after wearing it, throw one pair of shoe towards me and other towards the second person. Now, demon ghosts diffuse on the hit of this shoe. Simply by smacking couple of times, the whole magic vanishes.

Allah’s Praises, what a healing in these Allah beloved people.

Mystic Succession

In His last moments, Baba Murshid Said to Maharaja Ragoogee Rao that my bed would not be lift from your place for decades to come. Therefore, one can see the mystic succession place for His Majesty Baba Murshid, and until to this day it exhibits the same atmosphere as it use to be before His Majesty Baba Sahib veiled this materialistic world. All the visiting guests and devotees are being taken great care.

Court of Blessings

His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) faced acute and extreme hardships for the benefit and sake of mankind. It also happened that some one said any vicious words, and the devoted servants felt bad about that, and intended His Majesty to curse him for misbehave, but Baba Sahib said, “Nako Hazrat Hamara Darbar, bud dua ka nahi” (No Hazrat (Mister), Our Court is court of Blessings, and not the Court of cursing”) even people of that kind got benevolence and benefit from His Majesty.

You are a true sibling from the family of Prophet Mohammad SAW, and that is the vitality of being heart maker instead of heart breaker. That is the reason; your court is the court of blessings and mercy, which is still provoking today.

During your life before veiling this worldly life, large number of people blessed and benefited by your blessings and love, and this still continuing until today. Your Royal Court is benefiting all caste of people irrespective of there background. Either a first time visitor or a heartily devotee, every one thinks Baba Sahib affectionate me and loves me only.

Your beneficence is continuing and ever flowing. Every one receiving their desire full filled according to there desires. No one goes empty handed from His Majesty Royal Court, and this practice is still going on until today.

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