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Divine Philosophy Behind Sending Prophets and Saints

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Divine Philosophy Behind Sending Prophets and Saints

When Allah Almighty (God) created the world, He send the messengers and saints from time to time reform the humanity so as to keep it from evil practices and make it adopt the path of righteousness. These messengers (Prophets) sent by the Allah (God), as the legend goes, number 1,24,000. The four revealed books namely Holy Zaboor, Holy Torah, Holy Bible and Holy Quran speak on the subject with vivid clarity. Of this large number of Prophets, the above-mentioned four books were revealed on the four noted Prophets namely; Holy David, Moses, Jesus Christ and Hazrat Mohammed (s.a.w.s.), respectively. Since according to the precepts of the Holy Prophet Mohammed Mustafa (s.a.w.s.) He is the final prophet, the chapter of prophethood stood closed some 1400 years ago following His birth and shall remain closed till the Doom's Day. According to a true Muslim's belief, acceptance by heart of the three prophets of Allah (God) namely; Holy Holy David, Moses and Jesus Christ from part his religious belief, among others, and his faith is never complete, if he does not sincerely believe in them and in the revealed holy books such a person cannot as such be treated and recognized as a true Muslim.

Next come the Mystics and Saints, a reference to whom is also made in the Holy Quran. The spiritual status of these saints, undoubtedly is below the prophets, yet they are recognized as true successors to them. The spiritual heights and mystical achievements of these saints are great, glittering and many, and they have attracted the suffering masses to their fold through their supernatural acts (miracles) Sufi (mystic) deeds. The suffering humanity not only in their life time, but even after passage of hundreds of years after taking veil from this materialistic world, continues to be blessed even to this day and looks up to them as relievers of their worldly needs spiritual problems such as incurable diseases, misfortunes, untold miseries and natural calamities. Hazrat Syed Baba Tajuddin Aulia (the Crown of Saints) as the title was bestowed upon him by Hazrat Ali Murtaza Muskil-Kusha (Karam Allah Talah Anha), the fourth Caliph of Islam. Babajan (Tajuddin Aulia) was one of the such greatest Sufi Aulia (Mystic Saint) witnessed by the 19th century. In succeeding pages, His (Taj Baba's) birth, His pious life, His family background (Lineage), Sufi Master's (Tajudin's) spiritual or mystical (Sufi) achievements, His benevolence on mankind, His renunciation and detachment with the material gains and worldly pleasures have been dealt with for information and guidance of the readers. It is to be hoped that the readers would get solace, spiritual (sufi) guidance, harmony and eternal happoness after going through these pages and would find the website as a guideline and divine light for drifting towards a spiritually (Sufi) refined life and mysteries of mysticism (Sufism).

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