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Bawa Tajuddin Aulia Nagpuri ra

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Life-History of Hazrat Baba Tajuddin Aulia ra. 

Early Life of Hazrat Baba Tajuddin Aulia

Early Life

Category discussing family lineage, early life history of Hazrat Bawa Tajuddin ra


Lal Mahal

Journey from Mental Hut to Lal Mahal.

Miracles of Hazrat Baba Tajuddin Aulia


This website is devoted to the extraordinary miracles of Hazrat Bawa Tajuddin Auliah ra

Amma Bibi Marium Taji ra

Hazrat Baba Tajuddin Aulia (r.a.) with a high respect used to address Her Majesty Amma by His mother’s name and would say “She is My mother”.

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Auliah Allah.

Next come the Mystics and Saints, a reference to whom is also made in the Holy Quran. The spiritual status of these saints, undoubtedly is below the prophets, yet they are recognized as true successors to them. The spiritual heights and mystical achievements of these saints are great, glittering and many, and they have attracted the suffering masses to their fold through their supernatural acts (miracles) Sufi (mystic) deeds.

Glimpse of Tassawuf.

Sufism or Taṣawwuf (Arabic: التَّصَوُّف‎), is a mystical form of Islam, a school of practice that emphasizes the inward search for God and shuns materialism.
Historically, Sufis have often belonged to different ṭuruq or "orders" – congregations formed around a grand master referred to as a wali who traces a direct chain of successive teachers back to the Islamic prophet, Muhammad ﷺ

Islamic Healing.

Islamic Spiritual Healing is based on the knowledge extracted from Quran and Sunnah based on the concept of Seek, Send and Heal through Nur. Revealed and taught to us by the beloved friends of Allah Almighty and descended of Rasool Allah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam); Hazrat Syed Mohammed Baba Tajuddin Aulia Nagpuri (ra) and Hazrat Syedha Amma Bibi Marium Taji Waliyah (ra).



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First official, approved & complete website of Taji Order of Hazrat Syed Mohammed Baba Tajuddin Aulia Nagpuri ra & Hazrat Amma Bibi Marium Taji Waliya ra. developed on the order of honorable, Grandfather (Hazrat Tajuddin Aulia ra) by UTT under the supervision of Khalifa-e-Tajulaulia Syedi Rafique.