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Save Water, Save Life Programs

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 Tajuddin Foundation - Water is Life Program includes the following projects:


· Water Hand Pumps


· Deep Wells or Deep Boreholes


· Clean and Safe drinking Water (Community Development)




Water Hand Pumps


When there is not spring available and the water is too deep underground for a hand dug well, a drilling machine is needed to access the water in the deep aquifer. These types of projects are called shallow boreholes and they utilize drilling rigs to dig to depths of 20-50 meters. For a shallow borehole, a rig will drill until water is hit. Then a steel casing is inserted into the long well shaft to protect the deep well from collapsing and to prevent contamination of the pure water in the aquifer. A Hand Pump is then used to bring this safe, clean water to the surface for communities to use.


hand-water-pumphand-pumpsHand Pump 2                                   Hand-Operated-Water-Pump



Deep Well (Deep Borehole)


In some cases, even a borehole of 20-50 meters isn’t deep enough to reach water. In instances like this, heavy equipment and very deep drilling is required. For these cases, we employ deep borehole project types. Usually drilled to a depth of 50 to 250 meters, deep boreholes are the most difficult and expensive water projects to construct. They require a large team of drillers and must be fueled by diesel generators or connected to a power grid. However, if drilled into a high volume aquifer, these deep boreholes can yield a high enough volume of water to serve more than 15,000 people per year which is also famously knows as Deep Wells.




Clean and Safe drinking Water (Community Development)


Safe, clean and healthy drinking water is a major problem is many countries. The inability to easily access clean water results in a loss of opportunity for men, women and children to break the cycle of poverty. Families are left in a web of sickness and subsistence of deaths. The next generation is born into a situation as desperate as their parents. All because there is no safe and clean water. Our approach leads us to the safe water solution by installing hand pumps or deep wells (drilled wells) to draw clean water from the ground. By combining health and hygiene education, operation and maintenance training with customized safe water solution, each person in the community—from the oldest grandmother to the youngest infant—can fully experience the life-saving blessing of safe water. It’s called community development and it’s essential to providing a long-lasting safe water solution to the communities.


Bin Mohammed Taji




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