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The Ways of Purification

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Purifying the body and clothes. If these are contaminated, they must be washed with water until no impurity remains. This is especially so if the impurity is visible, such as blood. If some stains remain after washing, such as those that would be extremely difficult to remove, they can be overlooked. If the impurity is not visible, such as urine, wash and wring whatever it has contaminated three times. Purifying the ground. Purify the ground by pouring water over it. If the impurity is solid, the ground will become pure only by its removal or decay.

Purifying contaminated butter and similar substances. If a dead animal has fallen into a solid matter but has not swollen or disintegrated, whatever the corpse touches and what is around it must be thrown away, provided that one can make sure that it did not touch the rest of the matter. If it fell into a liquid substance, the majority say that the entire liquid becomes impure.

Purifying a dead animal's skin. Tanning purifies a dead animal's skin and fur. The Prophet said: "If the animal's skin is tanned, it is purified" (Muslim, "Hayz," 105).

Purifying mirrors and similar objects. Mirrors, knives, swords, nails, bones, glass, painted pots , and other smooth surfaces that have no pores are purified by removing the impurity.

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