Qadri Affiliation

Bawa Tajuddin Aulia
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Qadri Affiliation

The affiliation of His highness is also Qadri. Hazrat Abdullah Shah Qadri (r.a.), whose shrine is in Kamti Shareef, was a spiritual saint of great hierarchy. Baba Sahib in his early youth was blessed by him. That’s way Baba Sahib also has Qadri affiliation. The Shijra (Chain of Spiritual Affiliation) is as under

  1. Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.)
  2. Hazrat Ali (k.a.w.)
  3. Hazrat Imam Hussain (r.a.)
  4. Hazrat Zane- up- Aberdeen (r.a.)
  5. Hazrat Imam Mohammed Baser (r.a.)
  6. Hazrat Imam Jaffrey Sadiq (r.a.)
  7. Hazrat Imam Mosa Kazim (r.a.)
  8. Hazrat Imam Ali Raza (r.a.)
  9. Hazrat Maruuf Kharki (r.a.)
  10. Hazrat Sheik Safiullalh (r.a.)
  11. Hazrat Abu Al-Hassan Seri Shakti (r.a.)
  12. Hazrat Junaid Bagdadi (r.a.)
  13. Hazrat Abu Bakar Shibli (r.a.)
  14. Hazrat Abdul Wahid Bin Abdul Aziz (r.a.)
  15. Hazrat Abu Al-Farah Yousef Tartousi (r.a.)
  16. Hazrat Abu Al-Hassan Ali Hinkari (r.a.)
  17. Hazrat Abu Saeed Mubarak Mukrami (r.a.)
  18. Hazrat Sheik Abdul Qadir Jilani (r.a.)
  19. Hazrat Abdul Aziz (r.a.)
  20. Hazrat Syed Mohammed Al-Hitak (r.a.)
  21. Hazrat Syed Shams-ud-din (r.a.)
  22. Hazrat Syed Sharaf-ud-din (r.a.)
  23. Hazrat Syed Zain-ud-din (r.a.)
  24. Hazrat Wali-ud-din(r.a.)
  25. Hazrat Noor-d-din (r.a.)
  26. Hazrat Hisan-ud-din (r.a.)
  27. Hazrat Syed Noor-ud-din
  28. Hazrat Syed Mahmood Darversh (r.a.)
  29. Hazrat Syed Qadir (r.a.)
  30. Hazrat Abdul Jaleel (r.a.)
  31. Hazrat Syed Abdullah Shah (r.a.)

NOTE: Hazrat Syed Abdullah Shah gave Baba Sahib a date in his childhood and on the time of His wale he offered syrup to Baba Tajuddin.

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