Islah (Purification)

Islamic Healing - اسلامی علاج
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Islah (Purification)

Practice makes a man perfect!! No marvel. But can any one make him self discern at the first sight without practice? Dear readers! Let me enlighten you something. A man is a seeker of knowledge.

islah - Purification

 As much as he works sturdy, he gets more perfection. But some precision is those which are directly gifted from Almighty Allah through His Beloved Prophet Mohammed (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) and His friends which are none other than Ahlay Baith, Companions of Prophet and Aulia Allah (Saints). To perceive that perfections all you have to do is to work a little bit rigid. This is an aptness which will distinguish you in hundred and thousands of peoples. You will feel that uniqueness in yourself. These narrations which I am going to tell you will make you brawny from inner self. These are the golden sayings which you can implement in yourself which will make your personality very out standing. Let me tell you that all of these golden precepts are revealed from Hazrat Bawa Tajuddin Aulia (ra) & Hazrat Amma Bibi Marium Taji (ra). Inshallah by the blessing of Almighty Allah these precepts will be updated by the passage of time, if you personally want to contact me. Inshallah, I will definitely try to solve your problem regarding the matter of Islah. While here are few golden precepts or maxims from Bawa & Amma Sarkar (ra):-

These are the golden precepts which Hazrat Bawa Tajuddin Aulia (ra) has told their devotees to follow. As I would like to tell the dear readers that these golden precepts are only few drops from the oceans. The word "oceans" is dedicated to Hazrat Bawa Tajuddin Aulia (ra). Who is the greatest Saint of the present era. If you would like to read His Majesty (ra) biography.

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