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TOPIC: Miswak

Miswak 4 years 11 months ago #11

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A Miswak, or Siwak, is a softened small stick from Arak Tree with which the teeth are rubbed and cleaned. The end is shaped into a brush through biting or chewing, which serve to separate the fibers and release the healing herbal powers of the twig and holds an important place in Islam. The reason for this is that our blessed and beloved Prophet (SallAllahu Alayhi wa Sallam), used it regularly, and strongly advised his followers to do the same. Unfortunately! Today, most perhaps this beautiful sunnah of using Miswak is almost a 'Forgotten' Sunnah (May Allah forbid). Whereas, this is definitely one of the most favorable and easiest Sunnah of all. Instead, we embarrassed to practice it in public. May Allah give us better understanding. Here we present some of the sacred traditions of the beloved Prophet (SallAllahu Alayhi wa Sallam) on the excellence and benefits of using miswak.

Hadith 1: The Beloved Prophet (SallAllahu Alayhi wa Sallam) states, "Miswak is a thing that pleases the Merciful Lord." [Sahih al-Bukhari, Vol. 1, Page 637, Hadith 1933]

Hadith 2: It has been mentioned in one narration that the Prayer which is performed after Miswak is 70 folds more exalted than the Prayer which is performed without making Miswak. [Shu'ab al-Iman, Vol. 3, Page 26, Hadith 2774]

Some advantages of the miswak are that is does not require toothpaste, water or a special area to use it, and may be easily carried in one's purse or pocket. It is also disposable and biodegradable - therefore, Nevertheless, a more compelling reason to use the miswak is that it is Sunnah to do so.

Abu Hurairah reported that Prophet Mohammad (saws) said, "Were it not that I might overburden believers, I would have ordered them to use the miswak at every prayer" (Imam Muslim, Vol. 1).

Important Notes pertaining to Miswak
  • Miswak should be as thick as the little finger.
  • Miswak should not be longer than one’s hand span (the distance between the tip of the thumb and that of the little finger when the hand is fully extended) as Satan sits on the Miswak longer than this.
  • The strands of Miswak should be soft; otherwise, they might cause space between teeth and gums.
  • Use a fresh Miswak, if available. Otherwise, place it in a glass of water to make it soft.
  • Trim the strands of Miswak every day as they are beneficial so long as they have some bitterness.
  • Brush your teeth horizontally with Miswak.
  • Always brush your teeth with Miswak at least thrice.
  • And wash it after every use.
  • Hold the Miswak in the right hand in such a manner that the little finger remains at the bottom, and the middle three fingers remain on it while the thumb remains at the top (near the soft strands that are used to brush the teeth).
  • Brush (with Miswak) the upper teeth of the right side first and then the left. Thereafter, clean the lower teeth again starting from the right and then the left.
  • To use Miswak while one is lying on his back can cause the spleen to enlarge.
  • To use Miswak when held in fist can cause piles.
  • Miswak is a pre-Wudu Sunnah. However, it becomes Sunnah al-Mu'akkadah when foul smell emanates from the mouth.
  • Don’t throw away the used bristles or used Miswak. Instead, place it at a safer place e.g. bury under the ground or sink into the sea etc. as it is sacred, being tool for acting upon a Sunnah.
Advantages of the Miswaak:
1. Miswaak strengthens the gums and prevents tooth decay.
2. Miswaak assists in eliminating toothaches and prevents further increase of decay which has already set in.
3. Miswaak creates a fragrance in the mouth.
4. Miswaak is a cure for illness.
5. Miswaak eliminates bad odors and improves the sense of taste.
6. Miswaak sharpens the memory.
7. Miswaak is a cure for headaches.
8. Miswaak creates lustre (noor) on the face of the one who continually uses it.
9. Miswaak causes the teeth to glow.
10. Miswaak strengthens the eyesight.
11. Miswaak assists in digestion.
12. Miswaak clears the voice.
13. The greatest benefit of using miswaak is gaining the pleasure of Allah.
14. The reward of Salaah (Prayers) is multiplied 70 times if Miswaak was used before it.
Times when usage of Miswaak is Sunnah:
1. For the recitation of the Qur'an.
2. For the recitation of Hadith.
3. When the mouth emits and odor.
4. For the learning or teaching of virtues of Islam.
5. For making Dhikrullah (Remembrance of Allah, meditation).
6. After entering ones home.
7. Before entering any good gathering.
8. When experiencing pangs of hunger and thirst.
9. After the signs of death are evident.
10. At the time of Suhoor
11. Before meals.
12. Before undertaking a journey.
13. On returning from a journey.
14. Before sleeping.
15. Upon awakening.
May Allah Almighty give us the ability and strength to practice and revive this beautiful Sunnah with sincerity, Aameen!!
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