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Friday, 10 February 2012 20:20

Sacred Images

Sacred Images

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Sunday, 05 February 2012 01:40




What are jinn's?
How they look like?
Are they like us?
How fast they can move?
What kind of nature they posses?
Are they all alike?
Interaction of Jinn's with Physical bodies like human, animals etc.
Can Jinn's can do Physical work?

Argument on Jinn's Creation

Jinn are one of the creation of Almighty Allah. Almighty Allah stated in Sura Rehman ; in verse [55:15] "And the jinns We created from a smokeless flame of fire".

According to my research, Jinns are made from some kind of Photons or some thing more beyond then what science have on their spectrum because As Allah Almighty said that We have made the jinns from the smoke less fire, and we all know that fire is made from photons or rays of different frequencies emitted when charged electrons jump from higher orbit to lower one. So the Jinns are made up of some kind of rays which our science is still handicap to discover it. And there are infinitive proofs and incidents that Jinns do exists in this world and they do live with us from which we are unaware.

They have exquisite and elegant bodies like thick smoke. They also have the nature to mold them selves according to the place e.g. like water acquires the shape of the container.

They are not like human beings in appearance because as Almighty Allah has mentioned in the Holy Quran that, " the jinns We created from a smokeless flame of fire", so there is a question does fire has any posture.

They have tall heights ( e.g. 15 feet but it varies as which species they belong to), their eyes are like unripe mango shape with iris like cat eyes and etc.

When the Jinns are made out of fire and fire is invisible as according to my first point, so that is a very logical reason that we can't see them. They have different sect, races, casts and tribes as well like Human however human beings are all alike in their structure on the contrary Jinns have different species which are different in their structure e.g. some jinns live in seas and rivers

The female Jinni, after their age of puberty, can bear children after every three month. They can give birth 40 jinns at a time. So guess how rapidly they reproduce every year. More interestingly the Jinn's child can walk after one hour of his/her birth.

They can move very fast let me give an example; they can travel around the world in a flip of an eye. If you read Sura Al-Naml you will find lots of things their about jinns too.

They have different natures with different level of understanding, every jinns does not have common sense. They will do what they are told to do, nothing more or less. They also don't have patience's like Humans. They are always in hastiness and hurry.

Their are two main groups of Jinns, of different belief and ethics, one of them are Holy Jinns (Sunni Muslim Jinns) and others are Evil Jinns. The Holy Jinns does not harm any one at all unless someone does not molest them and they keep them selves busy in the worship of Almighty Allah and pray Durood on His Holy Prophet Mohammad sallal laahu alaihi wasallam On the opposite side the Evil Jinns vex and do harm to people. Let's not go in so much detail at the moment.

Yes there is interaction between Jinns and the human bodies. There is a huge logic behind this. Yes Jinns can perform physical work and the most bright example of this is Jinns are the Ummat (nation/followers) of Prophet Sulaiman a.s. And Jinns used to carry Sulaiman's r.a. throne, we think this is a very logical proof of Jinns doing physical work. And this interaction is still there in 21st century. To find out more about Jinns contact us and discover more.

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Sunday, 05 February 2012 01:39



The Birth and Death of Angels

In the name of Almighty Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

All the praise and thanks be to Almighty Allah, the (only) Originator (or the (only) creator) of the heavens and the earth, Who made the angels messengers with wing, two or three or four. He increases in creation what he wills, verily, Allah is Able to do all things.
[35:01] Al Qur'an

There is no doughty and a universal truth in this phenomenon, that every mater on this face & seven layers of the earth and in the seven layers of skies are created with logic and planning of Almighty Allah. In the Holy Quran Almighty Allah mentioned. So this explains that Allah Almighty is a Sovereign power which is a superior in command over humans, Jinns, Angels and all other 18,000 creatures formed as referenced in Holy book of Quran.

He is the one who created this earth and seven skies in six days and all in between them. [Al Qur'an

Logic of Creation & Its Death

Scientist of this world explains and agreed upon this phenomenon that every thing is made up of atom which is a smallest practical of an element discovered until now. These positively charged protons, neutral neutrons and negatively charged revolving electrons are the main source for the existence of a matter. Which has infinite life. But according to Holy Quran each and every thing in this universe and beyond a human’s imagination will definitely die and all bow in front of their Lord only Allah Almighty. So, this means the scientist as proclaimed that (Neutrons and Protons, which have infinite life) will also be finish on a specific time. So this gives that conclusion that all living things will have a definite end.

Ummah Tajia Trust

Argument on Human Creation

In a famous book "Bahqi Shuaib Al Eyman" Hazrat Jaber (Rdai-Allah) (Companion of Holy Prophet Mohammed) narrated that Holy Prophet Mohammed (May peace be upon him) says;

When Almighty Allah created Prophet Adam
(Mercy of Allah be upon him) 
Angels' asked Almighty Allah, the secret and the logic behind this marvelous creation and said 
O lord! You created those who eat and drink, do copulation, 
And ride; reward them with your bounties in world and for us bounties in futurity,

The Lord All Respectable says,

No! I'll not do to those, whom I created by my hands and blow with my soul. Its example is similar to that I say KUN (Be) and FAYA'KUN (at once its being) created.

From this Hadith, it is confirmed that the birth of angels is not in similar phases as human's development. Where as the birth of human is divided into various phases. First, the sand ferment. Then the picture formed. And in last phase the sole pored. Or in other words initially it was semen, and then it converted into a drop of blood, and then a piece of flash. This converts into vital parts of the body, which relates to the formation of face and finally in last the sole pored. Where as, on the other hand angels were formed by the pronouncing of word "KUN" (Be).

Are They Like Us?

Holy Prophet Mohammed (May peace be upon him) says,

The angels were created by divine light and Jinns are made up of from fire, in which the smoke is added up. And Adam (May Allah be bless him) is made up of which is already explained (i.e., black sand, white sand and red sand).

How Angles Appeared in the Visible World?

It is very difficult to understand for a common person to visualized how the angels really look like.As Muslims, we have a blind faith in oneness of Almighty Allah, In Prophet Mohammed ( SallAllah Hoalihawasalum) and the Holy Quran and the creation in between it is very difficult to answer specifically, or to identify (any object) as angels. Yes! it's true that these angels and all other creations are visible to Prophets and Saint's of Almighty Allah and existing and alive example of Baba Tajuddin Aulia r.a., and Amma Bibi Marium Taji Waliya r.a.

But still to convince you, and to give you 'an angle of vision' how the angel's appeared in this visible world supported herewith an Hadith which highlights this prospect.

Hazrat Jaber Bin Abdullah (Companion of Holy Prophet Mohammed) narrated that Holy Prophet Mohammed (May peace be upon him) says,

O Jaber! There is no doubt about this, that before creating any thing else Allah Almighty created your Prophet ( Prophet Mohammed's s.a.w.s) divine light. When He decide to create all the universes, He divided this divine light into four portions. From the first portion He created PEN (Al-Qa'lam), from the second portion He created the table (Lau'h-o) on which the destinies of the world, since its creation are written. And from third portion He created the throne of God.

Then from the fourth portion again four portions sub divided. From this first portion created the labors angels of “Arsh” (empyrean), from second created the chair, and from third portion of divine created the rest of the angels.

Allama Qassi mentioned in his book "Mutaliah Al Musrat“ mentioned that Imam Asharay (Companion of Holy Prophet Mohammed) narrated that,

No doubt! Almighty Allah is a Divine light (Nur), without any competition and splendor. And Prophet Mohammed (May Peace be upon Him) soul is innocent and shine of His (Allah’s) divine light and the angels are made from the sparks of Divine light, of Holy Prophet Mohammed (May Peace be upon Him).

Holy Prophet Mohammed (May Peace be upon Him) says, that at first Almighty Allah created my divine light (Nur) then from my divine light Allah created every thing.

Abu Al Sheikh narrates from Hazrat Akrama that he receives this information

No doubt! Angels are created from 
Almighty Allah’s Divine light (Nur).

What type of Nature & Feature They Possess?

Most probably, apprehension of this explanation which is related to Ammer Al Momamaneen (The fourth Caliph) Sayeedna Ali (Companion of Holy Prophet Mohammed).

“Ruhh” is a name of an Angel, 
Who has seventy thousand heads, 
And each head have seventy thousand faces, 
And each head have seventy thousand mouths,
And each mouth has seventy thousand tongs,
And each tong has seventy thousand languages,
That angel from all these languages recite and praise of Almighty Allah simultaneously at a time. To understand the whole concept correctly and easily this can be written mathematically as 
16870 x 10*20
doing rosary to Almighty Allah. From each performance of these rosary prayers (of Ruhh) birth of an angel take place. And these new born angels will remain and fly with rest of the angels until the Day of Judgment.

Saulbani narrates from Sayeed Abdullah Bin Masood (Companion of Holy Prophet Mohammed) says,

“Ruhh” is a name of an Angel,

He is bigger then skies, earth, mountains and from the rest of the angels. He lives on the fourth sky. Each day He performs seventy thousand rosary prayers.
From each rosary prayer one new angel is formed.
This “ Ruhh” named angel stand on one side of the row alone, and rest of angels stands on the other side.

Where these Angles Lives?

Imam Qastani explains in his book "Muhib Al Dunniyah “
In sky and earth (which is made up of water and smoke) lives angels (which are made up of water and air) their commander is known as “Rayed” who is responsible for clouds and rains.
Above mentioned all explanations from Holy Quran and Hadiths explains Allah Almighty is one who is the creator of this earth and heavens and He who do not need Human prayers or bowing in front of him but He has plenty of other creatures who can do for Him and those creatures are only assigned for this task.

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Sunday, 05 February 2012 01:34



Addressed by: 
Syed Mohammed Rafique Taji 
2nd Caliph of Tajuddin Aulia

In the name of Almighty Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful.

Islam is the first and last religion, and Quran is the last testimony of Allah on the face of earth, which is in its original condition even after 1424 years. Those who holds tightly the rope of Allah and the guidance of Beloved Prophet Mohammed (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) and the guidance of Ahlee Bayt (and his beloved friend Aulia Allah) will be rewarded here and after. 

Those who are seeking the truth should read Quran -e-Karim with open mind and heart. Research on it and they will distinguish in between the truth and false.
Quran-e-Karim Furqan e Hakeem covers every aspect of human life on earth. As Allah says in Holy Book Qur'an:
"And he who Allah’s guides, is rightly guided; but he whom He senates astray, for him you will find no wali (guiding friend – Aulia Allah) to lead him ( to the right path )" [18:17 ] Qur’an Al Karim
I beggar of Allah, slave of his beloved Prophet Mohammed (SAllahhal Ho Alihay Wasalum), Dr. M. Ahmed Taji Second Caliph of Baba Tajuddin Aulia prays to Allah those visit this web should be rewarded with the new strength power, and courage to conqueror both the worlds. And achieve divine health of love, blessing, believe and confidence, peace of mind and soul. Ammen Summa Ammen Bay Haq'a Syed al Mursaleen (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam).

Sunday, 05 February 2012 01:33

Ahle Durbar

Ahle Durbar


Khalifa-e-Doyam (2nd Caliph) of Baba Tajuddin Aulia Nagpuri, Hazrat M. R. Ahmed alTaji (aka Sidi Rafique)

Khalifa-e-Doyam means the second Caliph, M. R. Ahmed alTaji, born in Karachi- Pakistan, is the present Khalifa (Caliph) of Taji Order and the spiritual representative of His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin (r.a) (roohani peshua) .The aim of this wonderful Sufi Order is to translate the reality of Allah (Noor-e-illahi), to cultivate love for Hazrat Mohammed (saws), so that people walk the righteous path of Islam, are secure in this materialistic world with peace and are not mislead. The centre for the Spiritual education of M. R. Ahmed alTaji is His Spiritual Master, King of seven climes, His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin Auliah (r.a). Khalifa-e-Doyam M. R. Ahmed alTaji actively implements the teachings of His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin (r.a).

Khalifa-e-Doyam was initially Bayat in Qadri Sufi Order and was later given the prestigious status of being the Khalifa of His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin Auliah (r.a) by His Royal Majesty Himself, after Hazrat Yususf Shah Taji (r.a) was given the position, the first Caliph of Tajuddin Auliah. Khalifa-e-Doyam is hence given a prestigious position that is an example in its own and hence is different and is one that is not given to anyone in Taji Order.

It is indeed an example of the auspicious love of His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin (r.a) for M. R. Ahmed alTaji that after His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin (r.a) gave him His Khilafat , His Royal Majesty (r.a) also gifted Dr. M. R. Ahmed alTaji Khilafat of 26 other Sufi Orders. This big honor was granted by His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin (r.a) to His beloved Spiritual Son  M. R. Ahmed alTaji only and the fact is confirmed by Prophet Mohammed (saws).

If the exclusive personality of Khalifa-e-Doyam is glanced at, a complete picture of the Royal Personality of His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin (r.a) is witnessed.

Khalifa-e-Doyam prefers to indulge in his prayers (Ibadat) hence preferring solitude, but if a seeker, follower or a disciple comes, he whole heartedly spends his precious time guiding and preaching them. The principle of his life is to guide and help all mankind whether he/ she is a part of Taji Order or not. He preaches them and guides them to pray 5 times a day, read countless Durood Sharif and spend his/ her time in Zikar of Allah. Hazrat Baba Rafique is an amazing personality who is whole heartedly in the service of His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin (r.a) and spreading the teachings of His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin (r.a) one of His aim is to spread the essence of Islam and Tariqat of Taji Sufi Order. A Welfare Organization was established under the supervision of Dr. M. R. Ahmed alTaji which is also the first pure Welfare organizing of Taji Sufi Order.

And through this noble work done by M. R. Ahmed alTaji many people are getting benevolence spiritually and materialistically. 

Sunday, 05 February 2012 01:32



Baba Tajuddin Aulia Nagpuri. Taji Sufi Order. Ummah Tajia Organization

General Agreement

Persons who want to join our service should accept terms of agreement listed below.

  1. The patient must already have been diagnosed for his concern ailment (s) from a professional Medical doctor.
  2. The patient should let us the Medically Diagnosed Reports either by email or airmail.
  3. In order to make healing possible, all patients are advised to maximize all religious activities (pray to Allah; Salat leave all bad behaviors, etc) according to his or her own belief.
  4. Any Islamic Spiritual Healing and Therapies are not possible unless patient/seeker offers his/her obligated five time prayers (Salat) according to Shirah.
  5. The patient should follow every procedure with discipline.
  6. The patient should give his/her full name, his/her mother's name, his/her mail address to the organization using e-mail, and the Organization will guard its secrecy.
  7. The patient should wait for its turn to have the treatment. We will respond your request by sending a treatment schedule.
  8. The Organization will send the Divine Medicines and the instruction kit via email or airmail for patients who are not able to come to Islamic Healing Centers. For those who want to come directly to us should arrange an appointment at least one month in advance (plz use the e-mail).
  9. The Organization will give all its best to serve every patient.
  10. During the treatment, the patient should send medical analysis report to the Organization regularly.
  11. While undergoing the treatment, the patient must NOT practice other spiritual-based treatment or therapy (yoga, reike, shaman, charm, etc ) at the same time. while medicine or vitamins as prescribed by the doctor are suggested to be taken.
  12. The effective time of the treatment vary according to the disease but approximated ranges from 40 days to 6 months. We must remember that this treatment is using prayers "Nur" and the result is up to Allah.
  13. The Organization does not give any guarantee of this service, and thus are free from every charges from patients, their families and/or communities.


Privacy Policy

We will not disclose any personal information provided by you, including your name, photograph, address, email address, etc to any third party whosoever without your explicit permission, except in regard to copyright, law enforcement or in response to any other fraudulent activity. We will not make your information available to other companies.


Anti-Shirk Policy

  1. We strictly respect the parameters of SarIslamic Healinga (Islamic Law) and Sunnah as an Islamic Healing practitioners.
  2. We do not use any Charm or Naksh or wifg or Tawiz in which non-Islamic or Shirk like words are used in any form.
  3. We do not prescribe any Rouqah, which is polluted by Shirk.
  4. We believe that the True Healer is Allah Himself, the practitioner only acts as a mediator.
  5. Islamic Healing practitioner can and do use Herbs, water, Essences, other traditional medicines or therapies for treatment. All derived from Tibb an-Nabawi.
  6. Islamic Healing "Islamic Spiritual Healing and therapies" doesn't consists only of prayers but treat physically as well.


Legal Policy

  1. Islamic Healing® is a independent Alternative medicine firm affiliated with Ummah Tajia® Organization.
  2. If healing help is requested, please understand that all those associated with this page strongly believe and advocate that regular medical help and advice from the subject's doctor (s) should continue to be sought and followed.
  3. No health information on and its sub-webs, including information about herbal therapies and other dietary supplements, is regulated or evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and therefore the information should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease without the supervision of a medical doctor.
  4. Shipping: National or International shipping costs will be calculated manually and confirmed with buyers by emails. You can choose to cancel your international order if you think the shipping cost is higher than you expected. Shipment will usually be made in 5 business days.
Sunday, 05 February 2012 01:31

Copyright Policy

Copyright Policy

Baba Tajuddin Aulia Nagpuri. Taji Sufi Order. Ummah Tajia Organization

Ummah Tajia® Trust Website "" Terms and Conditions of Use.

Your use of this website is subject strictly to the following terms and conditions of use and by using this website you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. You acknowledge that all right, title and interest, including all intellectual property rights, in this website and its component parts is the sole and exclusive property of Ummah Tajia® Trust.
  2. You shall not engage in any conduct or use this website in any manner that infringes the intellectual property rights of Ummah Tajia® Trust.
  3. When using this website you may temporarily store an electronic copy or print out a hard copy of part of this website solely for your own personal use.
  4. You agree not to reproduce, frame, transmit, broadcast, adapt, modify, reverse assemble or reverse compile this website, or any of its component parts.
  5. You are authorized to hyperlink to this site, however we would prefer that such hyperlinking is directly to the front page of the website.
  6. You agree not to reproduce or use any of the trade marks displayed on this website.
  7. You shall not use this website in a manner that breaches, or is likely to breach, any law or relevant code of conduct or that infringes any persons rights, including any conduct that would require Ummah Tajia® Trust or any of its volunteers, servants or agents to remedy any loss or damage occasioned by such activity.
  8. You shall not use this website in a manner that defames, harasses, unlawfully offends or harms any person using this website.
  9. Ummah Tajia® Trust makes no warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or currency of material available on or through this website.
  10. To the extent permitted by law, Ummah Tajia® Trust and its directors, members and associates do not accept any responsibility in any way (including by reason of negligence) for errors in, or omissions from, the material available on or through this website and do not accept liability for any loss or damage, however caused, as a result of any person relying on any such material or being unable to access the website.
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This is to verify that all the content on the and is the exclusive property of Ummah Tajia® Organization. Recently our PR Department notified after observing for long time that some of highly respected devotees and higher authorities of Hazrat Syed Mohammad Baba Tajuddin Auliah ra are copying and salvaging the exclusive content of Ummah Tajia®Organization sole chattels. We evolve detailed statistics on these groups, devotees and individuals. Ummah Tajia® management authorities have been empathetic and kind for not advancing any actions.

We would like to hereby that all visitors and users on the website will respect the trust forwarded to it and its team by ensuring all work, designs, operational & business structures, concepts and mechanisms pertaining to this will be conducted in the strictest confidence and sole. Ummah Tajia®Organization observed that there are organizations, Islamic spiritual allies are erroneously using prohibited usage of SHABI’S (Images of Baba Tajuddin Aulia ra and Ama Bibi Marium Taji Waliyah ra) are at the high level of misconduct and Islamic unacceptable practices. As for all the humankind, Baba Tajuddin Auliah and Amma Bibi Marium Waliyah blessings for all humanity but not to use as business or commercial purposes. We highly condemn these disrespectable acts and acquire formal written apology within period of three months, after this period we will take appropriate actions against those who is practicing this deplorable term of actions.

For future usage of any Ummah Tajia® content from our library, we facilitate at our heartiest level for the preaching of Islam and refinement of our lives. For detailed information, write to us.

Saturday, 05 February 2000 01:30

Ummah Tajia Trust

Ummah Tajia Trust

Sufi Healing Organization



Ummah Tajia Organization of Sufism is a non-profit organization designed to promote peace and knowledge in the spirit of Divine wisdoms "Tauheed". The world of present era is suffers from various human conditions like poverty, hunger, violence, diseases and unawareness from religion, under such circumstance any Sufi Organization offers the world a comprehensive insurance plan - no deductible necessary. It is a plan that is inclusive and brings meanings rather than rhetoric. It acknowledges the significance of life and the value of peace for all humanity.

The phenomenon of Sufism is to endeavor in every instant to be in service of Divine "Nur", In this is the lived expressed of compassion, spiritual healing from mental and physical diseases or disorders, and give courage to face hardships. And to show the needy seekers the true path of Islam and to provide them the service of IH (Islamic Spiritual Heeling & Therapy) without any discrimination of race, religion, sect, or nationality offered by finest Muslim healers and therapists.

Baba Sahib's Aficionados

Ummah Tajia is a humble attempt formed based on purely Islamic spirituality (Sufism) , in the guidance provided by the Quran, Sharia and Tariqat (Practice and conduct) on the foot steps of Taji Silsila (Order) of August Baba Tajuddin Aulia (r.a.). Who is a beloved scion of Panjatan-e-Pak (click to detail Family tree). Taji Order have a very deep affiliation with all other Sufi Orders simultaneously, namely as: 

  • Qadria Order
  • Suharwardia Order
  • Naqshbandia Order
  • Chishtia Order
  • Qalandria Order
  • Junaida Order
  • Tufria Order
  • Nuria Order and other illustrious Saints of Islam.

Ummah Tajia promotes, spread and impact teaching of Taji Order which is based on pure Islamic teaching and all the venerable Aulia Allah's. Ummah Tajia is bound and always committed to the rules and orders of August Baba Tajuddin Aulia (r.a.). and August Hazrat Amma Bibi Marium Taji (r.a.).

Importance of Web Site

The development of is an initial effort of Ummah Tajia. With the grace of Almighty Allah and Blessings of Baba Tajuddin Aulia (r.a.) And His Ruhani Daughter Amma Marium Taji (r.a.) it is the sole duty of Ummah Tajia to update with the latest events and further details including other great saints of world and provide you with the treasure of Islamic Healing and Therapies extracted from the Noble Quran and Sunnah. We pray to Almighty Allah to protect us from all those evil minds that not to consider this site as Biddah or Shirk and this website be beneficial for the pilgrims to Durbar Baba Tajuddin Aulia (r.a.) and strength their faith and belief in the religion (Islam).

The website deals with the all absorbing life inspiring, saying, interesting discovers biography, miracles, stories of blessings, and stimulating tours and travels of the great Sufi Saint of this century and for next seven hundred years Baba Tajuddin Aulia Nagpuri Shansha Hafte Aqleem Al Hassani Wal Husseini. Who born in India, but originally His Majesty’s ancestors belongs to Madina with direct link from the family of Holy Prophet Mohammed Mustafa ( SallAllah Aliwasalam). Those ancestors migrated to India (for more details on ancestors click here). This is a great mercy of Almighty Allah that He blessed us the birth of Baba Tajuddin Aulia Nagpuri Shansha Hafte Aqleem Al Hassani wal Husseini  which fills the gap of darkness, and brought the harbinger of peace and humanism and as an ambassador of unity and goodwill, who ultimately came to be identified as:


Those who came under Baba’s shelter, affiliated with Prophet Mohammed (SallAllah Wa Alih Wasalam), and got affiliated with Almighty Allah.

Personality highlight

He is essentially – A great Wali (Saint) of Allah and His teaching, messages echoes and re-echoes are not hidden under the layer of history but are true to this day as it was delivered decades ago and are brought for you by a brain child vision of Khalifa–e–Doeem (The Second Caliph of Baba Tajuddin Aulia r.a.) Dr. Syed Mohammed Rafique Ahmed Taji & His Family (Ahalay Durbar) and dedicated efforts of Ummah Tajia with the grace of Almighty Allah and Blessings of Nabi-e-Paak Serwer–e–Kayyenat Hazrat Mohammed Mustafa SallAllah Hoalkey Wasalum bless with a live miracle of Baba Tajuddin Aulia Nagpuri Shansha Hafte Aqleem Al Hassani wal Husseini.

There is no god but Him Allah, And Mohammed (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) is the last messenger And Prophet of Almighty Allah.

Ummah Tajia  Roots

The Ummah Tajia is a non-profit Islamic organization belonging to Taji Silsila (Order) of August Baba Tajuddin Aulia (r.a.). Ummah Tajia was founded by a group of young Muslim intellectuals at November, 2001. To promote all constructive efforts and ideas in solving social problems inside and outside the community. 

Ummah Tajia works on the bases of NGO (Non–Governmental Organization) and NPO (Non–Profitable Organization). Which act as a international, non-political, purely independent organization. when we say religious it does not mean fanatic or conservative fake Muslims those who practice wrong believes. The founders, workers, co - workers, organizers infact each and every members of Ummah Tajia are belongs to highly educated, professional and specialized individuals in their fields, beside this, they perform there Islamic and religious duties/obligations simultaneously. These members are Surgeons, Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Businessmen, spiritual healer (s), and more...., this confirms that Ummah Tajia is a group educated individuals comes under one umbrella and with one vast vision. The vision of promoting the propagation of the true beliefs of Islam, Sunnah and with great treasure of Islamic way of spiritual healing under the under the guidance of Baba Tajuddin Aulia (r.a.). The guiding light of the Organization is the saying of Baba Taj ul Aulia (ra), "Tajuddin is a sea of benevolence".

Birth of Ummah Tajia

Ummah Tajia which is a registered organization who is bridging the gaps in between the materialistic world and the spiritual world, knowledge to those who are true seekers. Ummah Tajia will help to motivate all those individually or a group of people who are interested and eager to get escape from the web of financial instabilities, physical and mental diseases, socio-economical problems, envy & hatred for others, of brazen shamelessness, obscenity & indecency, disregard & disrespect for elders and general alienation and anomie.

Infrastructure of Ummah Tajia

Ummah Tajia is using high tech infrastructure and data base system for its organization, publication, and promotional companies, Its is proud to utilizing the services of highly educated professionals for developing and building of website, publications projects of August Baba Tajuddin Aulia (r.a.). At present Ummah Tajia is working with the following hierarchy of management.

Hierarchy of Management

Hierarchy of Ummah Tajia's Management

Though the devotees of Taji Order is spread around the world and in the present era this is the most spreading Islamic Sufi Order. As Ummah Tajia is a a Taji Order Welfare Organization, Which is proudly registered trust by the Government of Pakistan. But, our services are globalize and Taji Order are serving since 1930. As per accordance of present requisition of Islamic spiritual healing gaps, Ummah Taji reform and re-engineered its exist resources with the grace of Almighty Allah and with the blessings of August Baba Tajuddin Aulia (r.a.) in the form of IH (Islamic Spiritual Healing & Therapies).

Services Benevolence

Ummah Tajia main aim is to give consultation while respecting its limitation. For any spiritual treatment all applications either submitted online ( Link to IH) or contacted directly on IH centers, will be refer to a Spiritual Healer / practitioner or to say more appropriately as Spiritual Doctors who are experts by treating with Qur'anic methodologies and Tib-e-Nabawi, and so far success rate is almost 98.27%. 
As Ummah Tajia is operating various mega budgeted projects and your donations are always welcome for the contribution. Ummah Tajia's fund will always be utilized for the help these humanitarian welfare projects.

Aims, Projects, & Activities

  • Ummah Tajia involves in various humanitarian based development projects in Pakistan and abroad. The main concept behind these mega budgeted projects & activates are as follows,"Khanqah-e-TajulAreeffin" - An ambitious project of Second Caliph Hazrat Syed Baba Rafique Ahmed Taji (r.a) and Ahalay Durbar. This project is to provide high class ultra modern facility Auditoriums for Mehfils (Islamic Sufi estic Concerts), to arrange, manage, organize, of set up langer khanas (free kitchens), for the distribution of food among visitors and poor at Astanas (Authorized Great Royal Courts of Saints). read more»»

  • To help an individual in a Islamic way to practice the Zikr of Allah (Remembering recital of the praise and names of Almighty Allah) and His Prophet Mohammed Mustafa Sardar-e-Kainat, (peace be upon him).

  • To improve comprehension on Islamic way of life in developing of harmonic and solid society.

  • Awareness and remember the Aulia-Allah, (Saints in Islam) and assimilate their practices (Amal = Acts) in reaching the spiritual heights and goals.

  • To promote all constructive efforts and ideas in solving every social problems by the means of IH (Islamic Spiritual Healing & Therapies) inside and outside the Islamic community.

  • To provide the means and facilities for work for widows and orphans.

  • To develop an Islamic education system in improving social insight by setting up institutions of learning in form of Library read more»»

Benevolence of Bawa Tajuddin 
Amma Sahiba

Through encouraging the blessed Sunnah of the Beloved Messenger (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) it aims to light the Beacon of love, admiration and affection of the Beloved Messenger Mohammed (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) in the hearts of each believer, and through this it endeavors to perfect the body, soul and mind by molding each Muslim’s life according to the Qur’an and Sunnah. 
The sole purpose of Ummah Tajia is to motivate each believer to become a true believer; inspiring them to remain steadfast in fulfilling the commands of Allah Almighty and to shine as a true respectful and humble devotee to the Beloved Messenger (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) and these are the main teachings by Ammal – 'Acts' and Afaal – 'Sayings' what Baba Tajuddin Aulia (r.a.) & Amma Marium Walia (r.a.) and thus helping them to graciously adhere to the blessed life and Sunnah of the Beloved Messenger (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) which is the best example to emulate. Glory to Allah, this Islamic propagation movement is growing significantly.

Geographical Presence

The glorious shrine of Baba Tajuddin Aulia (r.a.) is situated in Nagpur, India, and now through the grace of Allah and Baba Tajuddin Aulia Nagpuri (r.a.) & Amma Marium Walia (r.a.) beloveds this movement is continuously expanding in various parts of the world, under the guidance of the scholars, Intellectuals from all aspects of life is already prominent in countries like: India; United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Europe, Holland, and insha’Allah aims to spread and help Humanity in other countries too.

Weekly Congregation

Weekly congregations of Baba Tajuddin Aulia Nagpuri (r.a.) & Amma Marium Walia (r.a.) are held in Karachi, Hyderabad, Merpurkhass, (Pakistan), and other parts of the world usually on Tuesday and Thursday. Where as special events of Baba Tajuddin Aulia (r.a.) & Amma Marium Walia (r.a.) (click for detail events)  are also celebrating on huge scales in all different Astanas ( Royal Courts).
Please see contact list of regional offices in various countries for details about Mehfils organized in your area. These Mehfils are held for Islamic perching from which numerous gained valuable amount of knowledge, spiritual healings, guidance according to Qur'an and Sunnah–e–Rasool ( SallAllah Wa aliwasullum) to improved their lives in all respective, immensely to the teachings of Baba Tajuddin Aulia (r.a.) and will insha’Allah continue to do so.

Word of Thanks

In the end, we the organizers and management of Ummah Tajia would wish and pray that may Almighty Allah guide us to Siratel Mustakeem ( On the straight path of Allah) and may Baba Tajuddin Aulia (r.a.) & Amma Marium Walia (r.a.) accept and bless us our humble and negligible contribution to the cause of mysticism of His Order and guide us as His Majesty's humble devotees in this world and here after.

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Sufic Terminology

Who is a Sufi?

Sufi is a follower of the mystic path; of those who seek experience of the Tawhid…..the term applies only to the most advance practitioners which are known as Saints, Wali, and Aulia.

Who is an Aspirant?

Aspirant is a person who wants to be a candidate, but have to wait for short period to be gets accepted by spiritual teacher.

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