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Sunday, 05 February 2012 01:33

Ahle Durbar

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Ahle Durbar


Khalifa-e-Doyam (2nd Caliph) of Baba Tajuddin Aulia Nagpuri, Hazrat M. R. Ahmed alTaji (aka Sidi Rafique)

Khalifa-e-Doyam means the second Caliph, M. R. Ahmed alTaji, born in Karachi- Pakistan, is the present Khalifa (Caliph) of Taji Order and the spiritual representative of His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin (r.a) (roohani peshua) .The aim of this wonderful Sufi Order is to translate the reality of Allah (Noor-e-illahi), to cultivate love for Hazrat Mohammed (saws), so that people walk the righteous path of Islam, are secure in this materialistic world with peace and are not mislead. The centre for the Spiritual education of M. R. Ahmed alTaji is His Spiritual Master, King of seven climes, His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin Auliah (r.a). Khalifa-e-Doyam M. R. Ahmed alTaji actively implements the teachings of His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin (r.a).

Khalifa-e-Doyam was initially Bayat in Qadri Sufi Order and was later given the prestigious status of being the Khalifa of His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin Auliah (r.a) by His Royal Majesty Himself, after Hazrat Yususf Shah Taji (r.a) was given the position, the first Caliph of Tajuddin Auliah. Khalifa-e-Doyam is hence given a prestigious position that is an example in its own and hence is different and is one that is not given to anyone in Taji Order.

It is indeed an example of the auspicious love of His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin (r.a) for M. R. Ahmed alTaji that after His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin (r.a) gave him His Khilafat , His Royal Majesty (r.a) also gifted Dr. M. R. Ahmed alTaji Khilafat of 26 other Sufi Orders. This big honor was granted by His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin (r.a) to His beloved Spiritual Son  M. R. Ahmed alTaji only and the fact is confirmed by Prophet Mohammed (saws).

If the exclusive personality of Khalifa-e-Doyam is glanced at, a complete picture of the Royal Personality of His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin (r.a) is witnessed.

Khalifa-e-Doyam prefers to indulge in his prayers (Ibadat) hence preferring solitude, but if a seeker, follower or a disciple comes, he whole heartedly spends his precious time guiding and preaching them. The principle of his life is to guide and help all mankind whether he/ she is a part of Taji Order or not. He preaches them and guides them to pray 5 times a day, read countless Durood Sharif and spend his/ her time in Zikar of Allah. Hazrat Baba Rafique is an amazing personality who is whole heartedly in the service of His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin (r.a) and spreading the teachings of His Royal Majesty Baba Tajuddin (r.a) one of His aim is to spread the essence of Islam and Tariqat of Taji Sufi Order. A Welfare Organization was established under the supervision of Dr. M. R. Ahmed alTaji which is also the first pure Welfare organizing of Taji Sufi Order.

And through this noble work done by M. R. Ahmed alTaji many people are getting benevolence spiritually and materialistically. 

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